The 2019 OCWA Awards

Over the last few weeks we've announced our 2019 award winners on Twitter. Congratulations to the following winners:

Home Run King: Ryan Bush (26)

Bush mashed again this year, easily pacing the league in bombs. He also led in a fair amount of other offensive categories.

Strikeout King: Brett Delano (100)

Brett came in and threw 80 innings, but still had a great strikeout rate. He won this award by a large margin.

Rookie of the Year: Brett Delano

Brett isn't a wiffle rookie but he is an OCWA rookie. This was a hot battle, and if we would've seen a return of the guys from WILL it would've been closer. But Brett played well all (most) of the year and keeps racking up fake hardware.

Fielder of the Year: Jordan Benzing (.959 F%, 70 PO, 13 DP)

Benzing could've won this award for one performance: the 17 inning game against the Blue Kamikazes. He was unbelievable in that one and consistent throughout the year, and is a finalist for East Regional Fielder of the Year.

Silver Slugger: Ryan Bush (26 HR, 72 RBI, .553/.571/1.096)

We talked about Bush mashing this year already. He led the league in 5 major offensive categories and paced the Franchise all year.

Silver Slugger: Chris Roeder (19 HR, 53 RBI, .609/.629/1.255)

Roeder did his typical yearly routine: he was good for the first half, then got better, then finished as the most dangerous offensive player in the league. He easily led the PEDs offensively once again.

Silver Slugger: Rob Licht (15 HR, 40 RBI, .576/.590/1.458)

It's unfortunate that the Waves only made one tournament because he put up ridiculous numbers in his only appearance. I fully believe they would've won more awards, but Licht gets a Silver Slugger for his ODT performance.

Manager of the Year: Jon Suhre (7-10)

The Papa Jack's didn't have the greatest start to the season, and didn't fare much better in the FDC. The Playoffs were a different story, as Suhre found a combination that worked and rode it to the Championship Game. For that incredible turnaround he earned this one.

Pitcher of the Year: Brett Delano (10-7, 80.1 IP, 3.54 ERA, 100 K)

Brett pitched almost every inning for the Blue Kamikazes this year and put up some great numbers. His W/L isn't perfect, and there are better ERA's, but he struck guys out and won in big spots. This was the closest race this year, but Brett takes home the title.

Most Valuable Player: Ryan Bush (26 HR, 72 RBI, .553/.571/1.096)

Ryan grabs the MVP once again based on his great offensive season. He helped shoulder the pitching load, and although those numbers weren't fantastic they were good enough to not sink him here. On top of all of that, he was also extremely solid in the field, pacing the league in double plays. The culmination results in an MVP type season.