Introducing the OCAWAA

(Forgive the logo misspelling, our Junior Graphic Designer was confused)

The rumors are true: the OCWA and AWAA are combining for the 2020 season to give the people of upstate New York some quality wiffleball.

This comes with a caveat. Both leagues will remain separate entities, crowning their own champions. However, this union of leagues will crown a third champion. The two league's own events will make up the schedule of this new venture, plus a couple of other events.

Here's how it'll work (at least from our perspective): The OCWA will continue to award standings points based on the current model. We will also award show-up points for players that play in AWAA events over the course of the season. This includes any Bash, Regular Tournament, or the MAW event. If one player from your team attends an AWAA event, you will receive the show-up points. If the team man core of your team attends, you'll get double the points. Simple as that.

The full OCAWAA format and schedule will be released soon, but the two-man cores that play together across both leagues this summer will earn points towards their seeding for the OCAWAA Playoffs. Read playoffs, think kegger, with money involved.

One OCWA housekeeping item: OCWA events will be limited to 10 teams next year, with "reserved" slots for our most loyal of teams. You know who you are. Don't worry, we will have a number of "open" slots, so once registration opens get your teams together quickly!

We're excited to bring you great events all summer from both the Capital Region and the Finger Lakes. Follow @ocawaa on Twitter for more details!