Under the Lights Tourney Canceled: Playoffs Set

Due to a brutal forecast, today's Under the Lights Tournament has been canceled. There will be no make-up date for this tournament. OCWA management has decided to count this as an event for every team that registered, and has also decided to take every qualified team for playoffs. This means we could see a record 11 teams for playoffs this year! The 2019 OCWA Playoffs will be held on September 21st, and will feature a triple-elimination format. The entry fee will be $60 PER TEAM for this one, 100% of the pool going to the 2019 OCWA Champion. Playoff seedings are (currently) as follows:

1.) Blue Kamikazes (11 pts.)

2.) Freaky Franchise (9 pts.)

3.) WILL Waves (8 pts.)

4.) Fire Frogs (8 pts.)

5.) Pavlov's Dawgs (6 pts.)

6.) Papa Jacks (5 pts.)

7.) PEDs (5 pts.)

8.) Wings and Thangs (3 pts.)

9.) Crazed Loons (2 pts.)

10.) Has Been Field (2 pts.)

11.) Eskimo Bros (0 pts.)

These are subject to change if a team is unable to attend playoffs. Hope to see everyone in September!