NWLA Tournament Article #1: Roster Day

The NWLA Tournament is just 3 days away, and I've been a slacker. Usually the OCWA Freaky Franchise roster comes out in June. Whoops.

Anyway, there's a ton of changes this year. The seven man roster has a new manager in Dylan Frankel, who in my opinion is the best manager in the OCWA and has been for a while. We lost a guy and added another. Read about it below:

#2 Chris Roeder

Roeder was rock solid in 2018 until running out of steam against AWAA. He hit .471 with 6 bombs, and had a huge win against WSEM in the morning elimination game. He also struck out 26 in 12 innings. Pretty good!

#3 Justin Tomkins

It's my first year not managing, so I'm at the mercy of Coach Chainzz. Pitched decent in pool play last year, didn't hit well, didn't mash my finger into pieces. I'll call 2018 a good not great year for me. I'm excited for what 2019 has in store.

#8 Dylan Frankel

Dylan is adamant that he's not playing, but I wouldn't be surprised if he called his number in pool play. He picked up a solid win against Brew City, and only hit in one game. I'd expect to see a similar role this year. His mind will come in to play when it gets to double elim.

#10 Tim Coykendall

People have been giving Coyk a lot of flak for his performance against WILL last year. He may have had a bad outing, but his bat was electric. .333, 3 bombs, including a huge walk off against WSEM. Those are his ROOKIE numbers. He'll be fine in 2019.

#18 Jon Suhre

Jon was the #4 batter last year and all he did was get on base a hit a couple huge bombs. A .444 OBP means he's seeing the ball well, and he's hit well in OCWA this year. He'll be a part of the #4 batter rotation again this year.

#55 Ryan Bush

In the words of Sam Skibbe, Bush was the best pitcher at the tournament last year. He allowed 3 hits, all to BWBL, was untouched by WILL (for 2 innings) and no hit Skibbe. He also hit .262 with a couple of bombs. He's called Ace for a reason and will be heavily featured this weekend.

#84 Mikey Jarrell

Mikey is a wiffle rookie, but he's a Long Drive competitor, so he got big power. He also has figured out pitching a little bit. If I'm being honest, I'm sad I didn't get a chance to manage this unknown weapon, but I'm excited to see how he'll be involved.