Fire Frogs win a windy, long Father's Day Classic

The Father's Day Classic has come and gone, and the Fire Frogs bested the elements to take home the title! A big congratulations to them on an awesome performance. Tournament MVP Mike Anderson led the way, pitching to a 6-1 record with 49 K's and a 1.20 ERA. He didn't slouch at the plate either, but the Frogs utilized a much more team approach there. We won't be doing team-by-team reviews, but we'll touch on the highlights of the tournament. Here we go:

The Weather

The weather really played a huge factor in the tournament. Winds held strong and blew in on BGP for most of the day, limiting power bats. There was a constant threat of rain. It was a weird June event and really leveled the playing field for most of the day. This will be a recurring theme here.

The Extra Innings

There were 6 extra inning games on Saturday, and all the games were tight. There weren't a ton of blowouts because hitting was impossible. That, and pitchers are really settling in to the 55 mph speed limit. It's time for the hitters to adjust. Speaking of extra inning games...

The Greatest (OCWA) Game Ever Played

The Dawgs-Kamikazes playoff game was the greatest game in OCWA history and I will not accept other answers. The 17 inning brawl broke the record for longest game by 5 full innings. The were 52 fielding attempts, not a single error committed, and 13 double plays, good for 25% of all fielding plays. These two teams decided to match no-hitters into extras, both score 3 runs each in the 7th, then go another 11 innings without scoring. Unfortunately, this wore out both teams, so the Kamikazes fell hard against the Franchise in the semis, but this was a joy for everyone watching. Not so sure the players would say the same thing.

The Travelling Squads

3 teams made a 3+ hour drive to Farmington for the tournament and all put up pretty good results. Has Been Field traveled the furthest but exited the earliest. They were perfecto'd by Mike Anderson in their first game but really came around to hitting after that. Andrew Stone is a very good pitcher in this format and if they continue to show they will be a force. Wings and Thangs weren't having a great tournament until they knocked out the presumtive favorite PEDs in extra innings. They got much better as the day went along and really got moving when Alex Chronowski started hitting. The final travelling team we've already mentioned, the Blue Kamikazes. They had a perfect preliminary record and then had to battle the Dawgs, a tough matchup in any weather. Still, they are looking good after a 2nd and 3rd to start the year.

The PEDs

If I told you before the tournament that these guys would be out in the first round of playoffs you'd have called me crazy, but that's exactly what happened. The wind kept their bats in check and despite a strong effort on the mound from Coyk they couldn't deliver. Don't discount them. You're making a bad bet if you bet against the three time OCWA champions.

The Fire Frogs

The Frogs have entered 2 regular season tournaments and have won both, with a combined record of 12-1. Yes, they faltered in the playoffs last year, but with increased attendance this year they'll have an easier road. Mike Anderson carried the load on the mound and looks like an early candidate for Best Pitcher. Be afraid of these guys.