Tsunami Warning: Waves win the ODT, with full recap

The 12th Annual Opening Day Tourney has come and gone and the rookie WILL Waves took down the crown. The lefty-lefty squad of Davey and Licht never stopped launching bombs and pitched well enough to get wins when it mattered. Congrats to the Waves on adding to a rapidly expanding trophy case!

QUICK NOTE: The Father's Day Classic has been moved up to June 15th.

The team-by team ODT breakdown:

6.) Crazed Loons (0-5)

The Loons really didn't have it today, as they struggled mightily in the field and on the bump. Sach did some good work at the dish, but ultimately they couldn't keep up. Team Captain Pete said "at least we get to go home early".

5.) Papa Jack's (1-4)

The Jack's just seemed to get unlucky in bad spots on Saturday, as they didn't have many bounces go their way. They faced a pretty brutal schedule and the bats never really got hot, despite decent pitching performances. Captain Jack said that a third member would've really helped, so we may see the return of Teflon Don for the FDC.

4.) Pavlov's Dawgs (4-3)

The Dawgs did what the Dawgs do. They pitch lights out, but don't score a ton of runs. They are the kings of 1-0 games, both wins and losses. They experienced one of those losses on Saturday, but did manage a few nice wins in pool play. Ari continues to be one of the leagues best pitchers even under the pressure of the radar.

3.) Freaky Franchise (4-4)

The Franchise drove the struggle bus on field 1 all day, going a solid 0-4 on the BGP surface. The main reason for the losing? They couldn't hit, especially on field 1. I've never seen such insane splits, but it appears that field 2 might be their happy place this year. They put up really solid numbers on the hill and fielded well, but those bats need to get hot quick.

2.) Blue Kamikazes (4-3)

The Blue Kamikazes got a late scratch from Captain Cole, but the pirate ship drudged on anyway. Brett Delano had a great day on the mound, slowing down opponents effectively, while they managed to get by at the dish. A few fielding mishaps sunk them but the blame shifts to Cole, who really needs to show up for his squad. Boo Jimmy.

1.) WILL Waves (6-0)

The Waves couldn't be stopped, and kept crashing over opponents all day. The all lefty team loved hitting on these fields, hitting crushing bomb after crushing bomb. They were tested a few times, twice by the Franchise and twice by the Kamikazes, but managed to hold them off with their seawall of pitching. The ODT champs are questionable to return this year, but they put the league on notice as heavy contenders. I'm out of puns, so I'll sea myself out.

That being said, it was a great ODT. The weather cooperated (for once) and another new champ has been crowned. Join us on JUNE 15TH as we really ramp up the season with the FDC, and the return of some real heavy hitters!