Fire Frogs win the 2018 Under the Lights Tournament

The Fire Frogs have taken down their first tournament of the year (and first tournament of their "existence", more on that later) after a walkoff home run that disappeared into the night. The team of Regis Pollard and Mike Anderson were dominant all day and made a huge charge in the standings. We'll recap each team's tournament and playoff seed here:

6.) Papa Jack's (6-8, 8 pts.)

Under the Lights Finish: 4-4, 2nd place

The Jack's didn't look great to start the day, but the bats got extremely hot once the sun went down and it propelled them straight to the finals. They even pushed that game to extras before falling to the Frogs. A win in the finals would've pushed them into the 3 seed, but they'll have the other side of the matchup instead.

5.) Caledonia Crush (7-7, 8 pts.)

Under the Lights finish: 2-4, 5th place

The Crush, this time led by Cody Hammond, could never really get the pitching going to quiet bats. They were outslugged in a couple of losses but showed plenty of pop, and once they round out their pitching, they'll be dangerous. Unfortunately for them, they have little time to get that sorted out.

4.) Fire Frogs (6-0, 8 pts.)

Under the Lights finish: 6-0, 1st place

The Frogs came in hot and didn't lose a game behind the stud arm of Regis Pollard and consistent hitting. They didn't beat themselves and are a solid tandem heading in to playoffs, where they'll occupy the 4th seed. They'll be a tough out when the triple elim comes.

3.) Freaky Franchise (8-7, 9 pts.)

Under the Lights finish: 1-4, 6th place

The Franchise had nothing going at the plate the whole day, only pushing across 11 runs in 5 games. They were great on the hill and in the field though. The Bush-Tomkins tandem will be going it alone for the playoffs, so maybe they can get in a groove. They'll need to in order to avoid an early exit.

2.) B.E.E.R.S. (9-11, 11 pts.)

Under the Lights finish: 2-4, 4th place

Tim Coykendall continued to mash at the plate and provide shutdown pitching and Matt Cahill could be a top-tier player in the future, but things just aren't the same without Roeder in the lineup. The B.E.E.R.S. did enough to get a first round bye in the playoffs, and the return of Roeder could easily lead to a third straight OCWA Championship.

1.) Pavlov's Dawgs (12-11, 12 pts.)

Under the Lights finish: 4-3, 3rd place

If you take away the games versus Papa Jack's, the Dawgs had a perfect day. Ari Knill returned to form on the mound and the bats did enough to get them some timely wins. Unfortunately for the Dawgs, they will be without Pitcher of the Year candidate Ari Knill for playoffs. The Dawgs are still a dangerous two-man with Frankel and Benzing, and definitely should not go overlooked.