Under the Lights Preview (with Playoff Implications!)

After a two month hiatus (sup, NWLA Tournament?), we're back and under the lights for this first time in a long time. We're doing something a little different with this preview, taking a look at every playoff team and where they stand. HERE WE GO:

T1.) Pavlov's Dawgs (8-8, 8 pts.)

Let's be honest: a lot would have to go bad for them to be a bottom-half team. This team has the same squad together once again and they can easily win. You can pencil them in to a top-half seed.

T1.) B.E.E.R.S. (7-7, 8 pts.)

The B.E.E.R.S. will be without Chris Roeder, and they replace him with rookie Matt Cahill. This team also has a history of bringing in guys who mash, so expect more of the same. PEN them in for a top-half seed.

T3.) Freaky Franchise (7-3, 7 pts.)

The Franchise won the FDC, but replace third man rental Papa Bush with third man rental Pete. This makes fielding a lot easier for them, with less ground to cover, and some breaks between AB's. They're set up well to chase the top two.

T3.) Crazed Loons (5-3, 7 pts.)


The Loons are dormant for the final tournament, meaning the best position they can come away with is 4th. However, don't count out the ODT Champs, as they can be a dangerous seed in the lower half.

5.) Caledonia Crush (5-3, 6 pts.)

The Crush have only played in the FDC this year, but came in a close second. The team split into two this time, with Cody Hammond and Eli Beard taking over the Crush name. They'll mash, and could make up ground quickly.

6.) Bud Brothers (4-10, 5 pts.)


The Bros are taking a tourney off before playoffs, meaning they can't finish better than 6th. With the Jack's right behind them and the dangerous Fire Frogs coming in as a new team, they could be as far as 8th. That's an interesting matchup for a high seed in the First Round.

7.) Papa Jack's (2-4, 4 pts.)

The Jack's can make up a ton of ground and dig themselves right out of this hole, but it'll require a fair amount of wins. Technically, they're still in play for the top seed, but need some help. They'll most likely be an extremely dangerous middle seed.

8.) Fire Frogs (0-0, 0 pts.)

A rookie squad coming in this late that's anything other than rookies is dangerous. Regis Pollard and Mike Anderson are a good duo, but they'll need a ton of points to dig out of 8th. If they stay there, the top seed has a really hard road right off the bat.