NWLA Tournament: Stepping Away

This is our final article of the 2018 NWLA Tournament. We still have two OCWA events, along with the Fast Plastic event in Texas, to look forward to, but in a way, this feels like the end. It's weird, really, to think that we've been doing this for 7 years, and yet this one feels so different in that it really feels like the end for me. In a way, I guess it is.

I'm not talking about the Host Committee. I'm 100% committed to that (at least for next year) as there are a few things I want to see accomplished before my time with that Committee ends. No, I'm talking about the OCWA team, the Freaky Franchise. As of today, I'm officially resigning as the manager.

There are a lot of factors at play here, but let's start with this: managing in wiffleball, especially when you have the guys we have, is a simple job. Fill out the lineup card, be smart with your planning, and you can be successful. The issues come when you overmanage. Trying to fit guys in when the next matchup would be better suited for them, trying to play matchups against pitchers, etc. It's all irrelevant. Start your studs, play guys when you can, and you'll win. Easy as that.

Some of you know that I'm getting married next year, and the wedding is two weeks after the tentative date of the 2019 NWLA Tournament. That puts my availability at risk, for obvious reasons. With that said, I didn't want to let my guys down. Therefore, I stepped away and gave the job to someone I know will do a great job: Dylan Frankel.

Dylan Frankel is a relatively new guy on the National scene, at least for our squad. He hasn't been around for every year like Ryan, Jon , and I have. But he's a great wiffleball mind. He took a team of OCWA rookies and made them not just competitive, but dangerous. He took his team to the ODT finals this year. He's a smart and capable manager in the OCWA, and I think that will translate flawlessly to the job at the National level. Most importantly, he's one of the nicest guys you'll meet and has the respect of the players. That's just as important as any other quality, in my opinion.

Who knows if I'll be around for the 2019 Tournament. In the overall sense, I thought 2018 was a huge success for the Tournament and I'm excited to begin planning 2019. If I can come, and make the team on merit, I'll gladly play under the wing of Mr. 2 Chainzz.