Here We Are Again: the 2018 OCWA Freaky Franchise

It's hard to believe it's been 7 years since the beginning of the NWLA Tournament. Seems like yesterday that we traveled on a promise to Ohio to play in not one, but two wiffleball tournaments in the same weekend. We managed to get the W in that despite playing for 16 hours on Saturday and another 11 on Sunday.

Fast forward to 2016, when after 3 near misses, we stopped messing around and decided to go 13-0. The three-headed monster of Roeder, Ryan, and Regis carried the squad to an unbeaten year, with the 13 wins being a feat that will never be matched.

And now, here we are. 6 years down, 2 titles to show for it. An average finish of 3.5 including our fluke that was 2017. We tore the roster down, looked at the whole roster, and decided this: we like our guys. Yes we're adding one, but all of the 2017 squad returns. Let's take a look:

Chris Roeder, 2

Roeder is the best pitcher returning to the tournament this year and the favorite to win the MVP, per Carl Coffee. I agree with those statements, but don't overlook him at the dish where he'll lead off.

Justin Tomkins, 3

I won't talk about myself much. I'll say this instead: Having to sit out last year sucked. It's something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I'm just happy to be back on the field.

Dylan Frankel, 8

2 Chainzz pitched the most innings on our team last year, but with the added depth, he may not see the mound again. What he does provide is extra depth at the dish and might provide one spot start.

Tim Coykendall, 10

We've been trying to get Coyk to come for 4 years, and we're finally here. He'll be a key cog on this team, most likely being in the lineup and getting some important starts.

Ryan Bush, 11

Bush is the machine that makes the team go. He struggled in 2017, and the lack of depth buried the team. This year he's in great form, and looks to build on his best hitting year ever.

Jordan Benzing, 13

Benzing has his role on lock: he's a perfect spot start guy and a depth bat. He hasn't had much success at the dish in the NWLA Tournaments of Yore, but he's due for a breakout.

Jon Suhre, 18

Jon is the perfect guy to have on your team. He can be pressed into action at a moments notice, such as last year, where he played very well against some tough pitching. He'll be battling for a DE lineup spot.