(Re)Introducing the New York State Championship, presented by the OCWA

2018 will be the tenth season of the OCWA, and for at least one weekend we’re heading back to fast pitch.

Let’s start with a history lesson. The OCWA’s first travelling tournament experience came back in 2011, when a team that would later become the Freaky Franchise travelled to Kingston, NY. This was the first incarnation of the “New York State Championship”, but it mostly featured the Kingston Wiffleball League, and the single OCWA team. Our guys took home the title that day, but the tournament died without another thought.

Fast forward to 2018, where we’ve decided to bring this tournament back from the dead, with some changes. The original tourney was held in August, but we’re making this a preseason affair. We’re also moving it indoors, thanks to our gracious hosts, Total Sports Experience. And we’re using the standard NWLA Tournament rulebook, with a few minor exceptions. DETAILS INCOMING:

Who: Your team (3-5 players), and a bunch of other teams (not limited to New York teams)

What: Fast pitch NWLA Tournament style wiffleball, with a twist

When: March 31st, first pitch at noon.

Where: Total Sports Experience, Field 3, 880 Elmgrove Rd, Rochester, NY

Why: Because we can

Cost: $175 per team ($300 payout to the champ)

I’ve alluded to the twist in the rulebook a few times now, and I’ll explain. Because we’d rather not have to find a bunch of volunteers or pay umpires, we’re tweaking the baserunning. The pitcher’s poison rule will still exist, but the batter will be the only runner. How many bases he advances will determine the number of bases a ghost runner will advance. Also, where you hit will determine how many bases a ghost runner will advance. An outfield line will be placed ~60 feet from home, and will be a determining factor is runner movement. In essence:

Single in front of the line: runners move 1 base

Single past the line: runners move 2 bases

Double in front of the line (or error where batter moves two bases): runners move 2 bases

Double past the line, triple, or home run: Bases clear

Pitcher receives the ball before batter-runner reaches first: lead runner is out

One volunteer ump per field will help streamline the game. Also, games will only be 4 innings. We’re on a tight schedule, so everything has to move fast.

More details and a full rulebook will be released soon. Registration will also be available soon. For now, all interested teams and/or players can contact Justin Tomkins.