Slugging Wiffles at Grapes win the 2017 OCWA Chmapionship

The 2017 season is now in the books, with the Roeder and Coyk combination winning their third championship in four years. They not only take home a decent sum of cash, but also our brand new trophy. Congratulations to SWAG on a great season, but we'll dive into the team-by-team playoff recaps:

7.) Crazed Loons

They were without their leader in Pete, but played well in the first two games and almost pulling an upset over the Jacks in Game 2. They got shutout in the elimination game, but this roster could hunt next season.

6.) Papa Jack's

They almost pulled the upset of the day, falling 2 runs short in their opener against the Franchise. They then battled their way through a few different rounds but ran into the Dawgs buzzsaw on Chainzz Memorial Field (Field 2). They looked decent but could use a third piece to put pressure on batters.

5.) Pavlov's Dawgs

The Dawgs played a lot of games on Field 2 and were competitive. They fought all the way back from the first elimination game to take 5th, but ran into an angry and desperate Eskimo Bros team. Dylan continues to be tough on Field 2 with the patented moonball, something that will be looked at in the offseason.

4.) Caledonia Crush

The Crush were hovering around .500 all day long. They just never seemed to get it going and couldn't take out the Bros on Field 2 in their elimination game. I think they finally found a trio that works well together, and will come back strong next season.

3.) Freaky Franchise

This team looked like the team to beat for the first three games, winning close ones against the Jacks and Crush before pounding SWAG. Then, the offense (read: me) went cold, and they lost three straight on their way to elimination. Rough way to go out, as the Franchise won zero titles this season.

2.) Eskimo Bros

This team looked to be on their way out early but staged a comeback for the ages, winning 4 STRAIGHT elimination games before finally falling in the 5th game. This team works perfectly in tandem. Cole pitches, Meador fields, they both hit. It'll be interesting to see if/how they return but they could take the whole thing next year.

1.) Slugging Wiffles at Grapes

The Roeder and Coyk combination didn't disappoint once again, smashing their way to the OCWA Championship. They score a bunch of runs and Coyk pitches well enough for them to beat anyone. Once again, congratulations to these dangerous gentlemen, and I'm excited to see what Roeder's stats look like once they come out.

That is a wrap on this year, but we aren't going away. We'll be announcing awards over the next few weeks, followed by a look into next year. The schedule for 2018 will most likely be out before the New Year.

That being said, we'd like to thank everyone who came out to BGP this year to play in OCWA Tournaments. We're already looking forward to next year and hope to see you on the field!