All-Star Tournament Recap (with Playoff Seeding!)

The final tournament of the year has come and gone and SWAG has picked up their second straight AST win. We'll take a quick look at the last tournament before moving on to the Playoff preview:

The Water's Warm (0-5)

Tough day for the Waters but they hung tight in a few games. Always good to see the OG team come together again.

Papa Jack's (2-3)

The Jacks went 2-1 in pool play but then had to play the Dawgs and Crush in back to back playoff games. They could be a dangerous team in the playoffs.

Pavlov's Dawgs (2-3)

Early on it looked like they'd miss staff ace Chainzz in a big way, but they figured it out come playoff time and escaped with a few wins.

Caledonia Crush (4-3)

A long day for the Crush, who came very close to picking off the Franchise and sealing a spot in the Finals. They looked good in the final tune up.

Freaky Franchise (5-3)

The Franchise played four games against SWAG and went 1-3, not a great sign for them heading to playoffs. They almost pulled out the finals sweep but lost on a walkoff triple.

SWAG (6-1)

This team hit their stride at the right time in the season once again, rocketing to the #1 seed for playoffs and walking away with cold hard cash.

And now, without further ado... PLAYOFF MATERIAL. As you know, it's seeded triple elimination. It's a long day of wiffle and a visit to the elimination bracket is a tough climb, but the end goal is a DOUBLED purse and an OCWA Championship. Let's look at the first round matchups:

#1 SWAG vs #8 Crazed Loons / BYE (waiting on Loons response)

The last time these two teams played Roeder hit double digit home runs. They'll be the home team this time so that record is out of reach (probably). Full disclosure the Loons have been better, but are overmatched here.

#4 Eskimo Brothers vs #5 Pavlov's Dawgs

The Bros won the only two events they attended but pulling zeroes in the other two makes them a 4 seed. It makes them a dangerous 4 seed and sets up a potentially juicy 2nd Round matchup with SWAG. Don't count out the Dawgs, who return staff ace Chainzz.

#2 Caledonia Crush vs #7 Papa Jack's

This may be one of the more entertaining 1st Round matchups, as the Jacks are always a tough opponent no matter the draw. Regis is a real stud on the mound though and should take this game over.

#3 Freaky Franchise vs #6 Old and Retired

The Franchise has run this series this year, but you can never count out the PA boys. They feature a really good offense and mix in just enough pitching to keep it close. However, many of the players they used only played one event, disqualifying those from playoffs.

This format resulted in an exciting day of wiffle last year. This year's expanded field looks even more formidable. Only 18 days away!