All-Star Tournament Preview (with Playoff Seed Previews!)

The final regular season event is here and I'll be in attendance, mangled finger and all. This is everyone's final chance to gain some points (and cash) before the playoffs begin, so this field of 6 will be playing that much harder. Let's take a look at the teams:

Caledonia Crush

They got steamrolled in the last tournament, so they'll have to pick it up this time to retain the one seed. Playoff Seed Prediction: 1

Freaky Franchise

If they didn't have to take off last tourney due to mangled digit, they may be the one seed. Playoff Seed Prediction: 3

Papa Jack's

The formula of Papa and Jack hasn't gone well this year, but they'll make the playoffs comfortably. Playoff Seed Prediction: 7

Pavlov's Dawgs

This team is without their ace, so it'll be up to Knillmunn and Byun to pick up the pitching slack. Playoff Seed Prediction: 5


They're trading out Bush for Coyk, but they're still the most dangerous team in the tournament. Playoff Seed Prediction: 2

The Water's Warm

As a special they're bringing 4 guys (Commissioner approved), so they have a chance to qualify for the playoffs. Playoff Seed Prediction: N/A