NWLA Hangover Tournament Preview

Well since the Commish won't be in town this weekend, it's the alter ego "Teflon" Ron Pitts taking over. We're here for the third tournament of the year, the aptly named NWLA Hangover Tournament. We don't have much of a hangover, but typically most people don't want to talk/hear/think about wiffle for about a month after NWLAT ends. WE WANT TO WIFFLE, and wiffle we shall. Let's hear about the teams.

6.) Crazed Loons

Nick Ciolek looked like a potential star in a short appearance last year, then looked like an absolute dud in his first tourney this year. My guess is he evens it out and plays 5 games of standard rook wiffle. Pete needs to keep getting better for this team to move ahead.

5.) Pavlov's Dawgs

The Dawgs have a true slow ace in Frankel, but really need to pick the bats up to sustain success. Can't score in Round Robin, which means they really won't score in playoffs. You could also point to fielding as a weakness, as that aspect has cost them a few close games.

4.) Old and Retired

Lob Boftus and Rooney are back bringing another new PA face with them. I don't think they've learned that the answer to success in OCWA long term is experience, but let's give them a chance. They've been round robin studs but playoff duds so far.

3.) Eskimo Bros

Cole is lights out on the mound and his last OCWA appearance was an ODT perfecto, but here's the rub: Meador, fielder extraordinaire, has a torn hammy. That'll make him much less mobile and it'll be slightly easier to hit balls around him.

2.) Caledonia Crush

I don't really have a reason for ranking them second, so I rolled dice and they lost. Regis is the ace of OCWA slow pitch, and this lineup was deadly last tournament. However, don't betray the dice. Dice rolls rule all.

1.) SWAG

Roeder couldn't get Coyk for this weekend, and Bush's teammate blew up his hand. So what do they do? Combine forces, duh. I'm setting the over/under for HR by this team on the weekend at 50. I really think it could be more.