Father's Day Classic Recap

It was a hot one on Saturday. Am I talking about the temperature, or the on-field action? BOTH. The FDC saw some great games, some big numbers, and a Caledonia Crush win. Let's recap:

7.) Pavlov's Dawgs (1-6 in 1v1, 0-5 in FDC)

The Dawgs were gifted with the most brutal schedule imaginable but did themselves no favors by going 1-6 in 1v1 Week. They only scored 9 runs in the 5 games, which won't win you many in slow pitch.

6.) Papa Jack's (2-1 in 1v1, 0-5 in FDC)

The Jack's were another team that had a rough day. They started decent, nearly beating Old and Retired, but then they lost to the Loons and got perfecto'd by Regis and the Crush. They performed well in 1v1 but it didn't do enough for them.

5.) Crazed Loons (1-4 in FDC)

The Loons didn't play in 1v1 and it may have helped them. They had a few good moments, like beating the Jack's, but were overmatched at the dish a good part of the day. They hit their fair share of HR, but need to get more hard contact.

4.) Old and Retired (4-2 in FDC)

Another team that had no games played during 1v1 Week, they put on a great performance in the prelims. They beat good teams in the Jack's and Crush and got smoked by SWAG, but put up their first playoff win in their second tournament. Hannon needs to continue to carry this squad.

3.) Smashing Wiffles at Grapes (4-2 in 1v1, 4-1 in FDC)

The SWAG were unstoppable for the early part of the day, with Chris Roeder hitting a record-breaking 10 BOMBS in their first game. Ultimately they started hot and cooled off as the temps came up, but with this team mashing the ball, anything is possible. Despite the third place finish, Chris Roeder wins the Tournament MVP with 27 HR and 52 RBI and slashing .800/.804/2.364.

2.) Freaky Franchise (6-4 in 1v1, 6-1 in FDC)

This team was hot from the get go, with only the Crush making them sweat in prelims. Then things got difficult. They rolled over the Loons, had to have a big 4th inning against Old and Retired, and then came up short against the Crush. They can't seem to get over that hump despite great numbers on both sides of the ball.

1.) Caledonia Crush (5-2 in FDC)

This mirrored the ODT in some ways, with a team that started slow getting red hot for playoffs. Regis threw the second perfect game in OCWA history agains the Jack's in the First Round, then they took out two all-time OCWA greats in Roeder and Bush. This team was on fire late, it paid off, and they walked away with a cool payday in the hot sun.

That'll do it for the 2nd Annual Father's Day Classic, join us at BGP on July 29th for the Tournament Under the Lights!