1v1 Week Recap

Since today's forecast pretty much guarantees thunderstorms until after the sun goes down, yesterday was the final day of 1v1 Week. We were able to jam 13 games into two full evenings of wiffle. Not too bad if you ask me. Some people may be a little confused about how all of this has to do with Saturday's tournament, so I'll try to make it as simple as possible.

1v1 Week Champ: Chris Roeder

With a final record of 3-0, Chris Roeder is your 1v1 Week Champion. What does this mean? He gets free entry into the FDC on Saturday.

Team Implications

We said going into this that your 1v1 Week record would impact your team on Saturday. So, going into pool play on Saturday, teams that participated in 1v1 Week will start with the following records:

SWAG: 4-2

Freaky Franchise: 6-4

Papa Jack's: 2-1

Pavlov's Dawgs: 1-6


You like stats? I do too. All of the stats from 1v1 Week can be found by clicking here.


Shoutout to Periscope for allowing us to livestream everything the last two days (until my phone died each day). If you'd like a replay of either day, you can find the Periscope replays on our Twitter page @OCWA.