ODTX Power Rankings

Would it be an ODT without some Friday Power Rankings? Of course not. So to oblige the wiffle Gods, here is a worst-to-first list of your ODTX teams.

8.) We're Just Here For the Pizza

I might catch some flak for ranking the all-female team last, but when you make your team name something like that, it makes me think I'm right.

7.) Old and Retired

Along the same lines as WJHFTP, these old men (and OCWA rookies) will have a tough time adjusting I think.

6.) Pavlov's Dawgs

Depends on which Dawgs squad we see. If it's the one from last year's ODT, they'll finish higher. If it's the one from last year's playoffs, this seems accurate.

5.) Papa Jack's

This team is missing key ingredient Don Sutton. They have a ton of pop but were not good on the mound last year.

4.) The Water's Warm

As happy as I am to see these guys back at the field, I don't see them rising higher than 4th. But they've done well before, and could surprise a few above them.

3.) Eskimo Brothers

Jimmy Cole can hit, but they seem a little too confident coming in as rookies. The adjustment period keeps them from the finals.

2.) Caledonia Crush

This lineup has no holes, and Regis is a solid pitcher. They just seemed to have a second place curse hanging over them last year.

1.) Freaky Franchise

Ryan Bush gets to bat every other AB. He begins his quest to hit 100 HR this season. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets there.