Friday Thoughts - 5/12

Before I get into this I would like to give a little praise to the Wiffle Gods and thank them for looking over us. If anyone checked the radar earlier this week it looked quite ugly, 90-100% chance of rain with temperatures in the 40's. I just checked again and we're looking at an overcast day with temps in the low 50's. Not the warmest day ever, but much better than what we were preparing for (knock on wood). The Wiffle Gods are a very real thing and you can't convince me otherwise. On to the video.

MY THOUGHTS (mostly about tomorrow and not this video)

- This was the obvious choice for the last video of this series. ODT tomorrow and one of my favorite OCWA videos of all time

- The field looks great here but I promise you it's in 10x better shape right now

- I have a little bit of a crush on Field 2, it turned out much better than expected

- We have people coming from NYC, PA, and Boston for this. After our abysmal 2014 season I never would have imagined this happening

- We have a new neighbor and they haven't seen OCWA wiffle yet. Should be intersting

- Is it tomorrow yet?

That'll do it for the Friday Thoughts. Be sure to follow us all over social media tomorrow for updates throughout the day as well as live video/highlights. See you all tomorrow!