2017 OCWA Playoff Info

Why, yes, we are in fact talking about playoffs. Mainly, the way it's going to work for this season. Let's get this out in the open before the season starts.

A slight oversight on my part mixed with a two week span that has left me disoriented, I hadn't thought about how the triple elimination format (best playoff format in existence, IMO) will work with a good amount of teams. We have 8 teams for the ODT, and that's missing the Loons and CWP from last season. This creates a bit of a mess with playoff scheduling.

Therefore, OCWA Mangement has decided to set the playoff limit to 8 TEAMS. As a quick reminder of the eligibility rules, your team has to play in at least 2 EVENTS. Players who wish to play in the playoffs also need to play in 2 EVENTS. If your team doesn't meet both of these criteria, you won't get the invite. If more than 8 teams meet these criteria, we're taking the top 8 in points.

This puts a higher premium on playing in a lot of events, but also finishing well in said events. This season could also mark the first time we've eliminated teams before the first round of playoffs.

Hope this clears things up, and any questions can be directed my way. Thanks for tuning in.