Need to Know: Opening Day Tournament

I'm baaaaacck. After a couple weeks off and some great work from Ryan, I'm here to get you the details on ODTX. Pretty easy stuff here, as the schedule and rules are already out.




CASHFLOW: $10 per player, 100% of the winnings to the winning team

WEATHER: Obviously, the forecast looks verrrrrrry iffy. We're playing through it unless all Hell breaks loose. Bring a towel and a tent if you have it.

GROUND RULES: What I really wanted to get to, the ground rules. Since we're opening up Field 2, this needs to be addressed.

For Bush Grapes Park, a home run is any of the following: 3.13-1.1 Ball hits the left field lower roof. 3.13-1.2 Ball is hit over the middle roof. 3.13-1.3 Ball is hit over the high roof or hits the high roof and rolls over. 3.13-1.4 Ball is hit over the outfield fence. 3.13-1.5 Ball hits a side roof and goes over the fence/roof without touching anything else. Off the middle roof is a triple, off the wall is a double, past the single line is a single, stopping before the single line is an out. Anything caught in the air before touching the ground after the single line is an out.

For Field 2, a home run is over the fence, or over the roof in left field. Anything that hits the high roof and rolls over the top lip is a home run. Anything that hits the roof and rolls off the side without being caught is a triple. Off the wall is a double, past the single line is a single. There is a ground rule double wall to protect the garden in center field, anything hit into this area is a double unless it rolls off the roof and into the area, then it will be a triple. You are allowed to reach into this area to attempt to catch a ball but if any part of your body touches the ground/bush/trees behind this line it will be ruled a hit. If a ball is hit into the tree beyond the fence in right field and bounces back into play, it can be caught for an out. If it hits the ground, whether in play or beyond the wall, it will be a home run.

This is a lot, and will all be ran through before games begin on Saturday.

If you have any other questions, let Ryan or myself know. See you all Saturday!