Friday Thoughts - 4/28

A quick reminder before the video - registration for the ODT closes in 10 days so be sure to reserve your spot soon! We currently have five teams registered and are looking at probably two to three more which means we'll be opening up two fields for the first time ever. Gonna be a yuge day, don't miss out. With that being said, let's move on to the video. This week we have highlights from the 2015 Hickory Field Wiffle Ball Tournament. Enjoy.


- This was filmed with a drone so you can't expect perfectly stable footage but this was very Cloverfield-esque

- Speaking of drones, we now have one. ODT aerial footage coming soon to a theater near you

- This field is one of the most unique I've seen but having the tree play second base and the shed at short stop might not be the best idea

- If you round 3rd base too hard you're going directly into this family's living room

- Baseball gloves in the field.......

- Zero percent chance there's ever been a home run hit to right field here

- Huge fan of the "lineout" with a view from cruising altitude

- The syncing of the song to the strikeout at 1:23 is next level editing

- This looks to be some sort of family reunion which makes me wish my family reunions had wiffle tournaments

15 DAYS UNTIL WIFFLE. Be sure to keep checking the site and our twitter feed @OCWA for even more content leading up to the ODT. As always, if you have any random videos you want me to check out please leave a comment or tweet me @rbush11.