10 Every 10: The OCWA All-Rando Team

I'm back this week with another 10 Every 10. This will be less of a ranked list and more of a All-Star team of the most random players in OCWA history.

Trey Pascazi-Never

Trey was the wiffle prodigy who got away. This guy came with a lot of hype, was from a baseball background, and got drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. He was destined for greatness but never showed. Damn shame.

Mike Cristo-Hairy Hoodlums, 2012

This guy was the typical guy who showed up to BGP once. He got rocked on the mound but held his own at the plate, then never returned again. There will be PLENTY more of these on this list.

Joe Fiannaca-Louisville Sluggers, 2010

This was the rookie year for this entire team, and we got some classics out of the Sluggers. Don, Vince, and Draveck were all mainstays at some point, but this guy never came back. It's a shame because all he did was hit massive bombs.

Blair Hutto-Coexist, 2010

Blair was a special player in OCWA history. He showed up at BGP for the first time in the 2010 Playoffs, only to not touch the mound and look lost at the dish. Then he hit a pivotal, massive bomb in Game 2 of the series against Big Bob's Beepers, and the upset was on.

Ethan Maslyn-Flying Squirrels, 2011

My buddy from high school was my only answer to losing Don Sutton halfway through the 2011 season. In theory, it was a solid idea. Lefty on both the mound and the plate, he was an AWFUL pitcher, and the experiment ended shortly after that.

Ray Ali-Coexist, 2010

Ray exists on this list for a couple reason. A.) He was probably the worst wiffleball player I've ever seen. B.) The entire Coexist team sans Suhre could've been on this list. He holds the distinction of having a lower batting average than his girlfriend.

Tim Dick-Hairy Hoodlums, 2012

Welcome back to the list, Hoodlums. Seriously, this is another team where the entire roster could've been on this list. Tim was one of the best players on this list, batting .500 in only 2 games. Another fill in player, another case of possible untapped potential.

Billy Annechino-The Plainguys, 2012

Bullet Bill isn't really a rando, but damn does he deserve to be on this list. He holds the distinction of having the worst complete game pitching performance in history. 28 runs in 4 innings looks bad, but his fielding technique (the complete smother) did not. He went into Beast Mode at the dish, but never came back. I feel like this wrong should be justified.

Kentucky-Boy Kissahs, 2009

This guy was one of the strangest dudes I've ever met. He seemed very gung ho about wiffs, showed up to the ODT and outfitted his guys in Confederate Soldier hats, and then disappeared into the sunset. He could've been great, I fully believe.

Travis Brill-Louisville Sluggers, 2010

Brill only showed up once but left a lasting impression in the league that was thrown back into my mind recently by one photo. He didn't do anything well, but he seemed to enjoy the game, and then never returned. He did however forget a rather important personal belonging, and the modification of that is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I'll leave it there.