Friday Thoughts - 4/21

We're just 22 days away from the ODT which means there's only a few of these bad boys left. This week I'd like to highlight our league once again with this beautiful production: Don Sutton's No Hitter (6-20-11)


- s/o Windows Movie Maker

- This was the first no-no in OCWA history so it was kind of a big deal

- This was also the first night game, more to come this year (with better lighting)

- I left the musical selection up to Don and I wasn't the least bit surprised at his choice

- Don achieved the rare feat of getting Roeder to hit from both sides of the plate

- The El Duque jersey was looking extra tight on this particular day. Don must have gotten a pregame pump in

- Is Don coming to the NWLA Tournament with us???

22 DAYS. Be sure to keep checking the site and our twitter feed @OCWA for even more content leading up to the ODT. As always, if you have any random videos you want me to check out please leave a comment or tweet me @rbush11.