10 Every 10: The Ten Best Articles of Clothing Worn at BGP

J has been quite busy lately so he had to make a call to the ol' bullpen. I'll be filling in this week to provide you with what I consider to be the 10 best articles of clothing that BGP has ever seen.

10.) Bacon's Sport Coat and

9.) Krabbs' Vest

Starting things off is one of the funniest/dumbest moves that BGP has ever seen. On what may have been the hottest day of that year, Bacon decided to show up in a Goodwill-bought sport coat and pants which were picked up directly on the way to the field. Krabbs joined in on the shopping spree and picked up a much more practical silk vest. Bacon labored through multiple innings on the mound in the direct sunlight while Krabbs got himself a nice little vest tan.

8.) Bacon's Graffiti Shirt

As you may have noticed, Bacon is an innovator when it comes to on-field apparel. Seen here watching one of the greatest catches in OCWA history, the BCN shirt was nothing short of fine art. Not only did it look good on the field, but you also got a little lightheaded if you came within five feet of it.

7.) Josh Maves' Telephone Cord Foam Visor

I apologize for the extremely grainy picture, but a YouTube screen grab is the only evidence I have of this beautiful headgear. The foam visor is easily the best value purchase on this list. Where else can you get a lightweight form of sun protection for less than one U.S. dollar?

6.) Ben Brown's Hand-Drawn Tech Jersey and

5.) His Fedora

The 2016 Opening Day Tournament brought one of the strongest hat-jersey combos ever. Ben Brown can be seen here sporting what I believe to be an Avenged Sevenfold fedora alongside his own custom Tech jersey. As I said before, Bacon is a jersey innovator, and his decision to have Ben design his own jersey was a genius move. Ben basically just changed the font size of his normal handwriting for the "Tech" wordmark, but also drew on some boxes that had everyone scratching their heads. After asking Ben what exactly that was, he told us that is was six pack abs. Hand-drawn abs on a jersey. Let's go Tech.

4.) Crocs

Say what you want about Crocs, but they were an absolute staple in the early days of the OCWA. I can be seen here wearing a nice navy blue pair, but I also know that players such as Josh Maves and James Draveck were on the Croc train. Not only did they provide zero traction, but the breathable holes let in more dirt than you can even imagine. I believe the last time Crocs touched the field was around 2013 but I think it may be time for a comeback.

3.) Don Sutton's "El Duque" Jersey

In 2011 the league was lucky enough to have free jerseys for every team. As I was putting together the order, I had to ask every player what number and shirt size they wanted. Don's response to this was "I only want El Duque on the back and get me the smallest size they have". As soon as he got the shirt he ripped the sleeves off and used one of them as a headband. He then somehow squeezed into the at least two sizes too small shirt. How Don was able to fit into that shirt is a question we still ask ourselves to this day.

2.) Papa's Mocs

I'm gonna do a straight up high-jacking of J's description of these from the last 10 Every 10 article because it was just perfect. Here ya go:

"The Most Famous Shoes in Wiffleball are worn by the legendary Papa Bush. The first mocs to see BGP saw a championship, some fireball pitching, a couple ODT wins, and zero defensive ground covered. There have been a few pairs of the classic shoes, but the OG Mocs are the greatest."

1.) Chris Sacheli's Hat

This was the easiest decision that I had to make for this list. How can you rank a hat that's been worn by Sacheli in every game he's played since 2009 lower than number one? You can't. What makes this hat so special is that it has every logo drawn on by hand and includes the year he played on each of the teams. We were lucky enough to have Bacon capture some awesome pictures of the hat at last year's ODT which can be seen below (yes it gets its own gallery). Fun fact about this hat: It was purchased alongside the previously mentioned telephone cord foam visor.