NWLA Tournament: How to Throw a Strike


We have a crisis at the NWLA Tournament. We can’t throw strikes. Wiffleball is a tough sport and it’s too hard to throw a ball 48 feet to a 20” x 32” strike zone. I think we should blame the batters for not swinging, because in America we don’t fix the problem, we blame the people who take advantage of it.

SIKE! I’m here to settle this “walks” problem. I have an easy answer: THROW A STRIKE. Not only is this an easy answer, but I’m going to diagram a process to help you.

Let’s start with the basics: blaming the batter. Let’s stop this. It’s not the batters fault that he takes a walk. It’s the pitchers fault for walking him. I believe I said this years ago but I’ll say it again: if you can’t throw a 90 mph slider for a strike, maybe you shouldn’t throw a 90 mph slider every pitch. Maybe you should try and put your defense into play and play to contact. I guess that’s just me. My job as a batter is not to make the game exciting. My job as a batter is all about getting on base.

I present to you Exhibit A in strike-throwing: Ryan Bush. Now, Ryan is an accurate pitcher, but on this particular day he was struggling with command a touch. Let’s go to the video:

As you can see, the struggle was real. Farkas had him on the ropes (4-0 count), so he laid in a meatball. AND HE GOT THE OUT. Also, he gave me a heart attack but that’s irrelevant. Now, this may not be pretty, but here’s how it looks in the scoresheet:

Farkas flied out.

Done. Over. Move to the next batter. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS PEOPLE. Get it through your head.

Now, some stats! In 2016, walks were at 27.3% That’s pretty high no doubt but not ridiculous. How about this one though: 37% of PA’s ended in K’s. 37 PERCENT. Yet no one even remotely talks about this.

We don’t need to reward pitchers any more than they already are in this tournament. When you strike out more guys than you walk, that’s good enough. More hitting would be amazing, sure, but that’s what you get in fast pitch. Either we switch to blue bats (pls no) or medium pitch (hell no). However, this tournament has a tradition of this type of play. Let’s not change that.