Friday Thoughts - 4/7

In case you missed it:

And now onto our feature presentation. This week's video is brought to you by the folks at Annual Backyard Wiffleball Tournament which is probably the longest username YouTube has in their database. Have at it.


- OVER 400,000 VIEWS??? I put my heart and soul into this video and it hasn't even cracked 1,000 yet. Sad!

- 1v1 for 6 innings with one out per inning aka a two inning game

- The tale of the tape intro thing is awesome. Really gets me prepped for what I'm about to see

- I need to know the dimensions for Berard's Memorial Field

- It takes about 3-4 full strides to get to first base which makes me question why this is a running tournament

- The multiple camera angles are a nice touch

- Huge fan of the press box aka the Berard family deck

- Bingo was, in fact, his name'o

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