Father's Day Classic Format: 1v1 Week

We're adding a wrinkle to the Father's Day Classic this year. Instead of just doing pool play and a bracket, we're also adding an old school style. 1v1 slow pitch traces all the way back to the very origins of the OCWA, and now we're incorporating it into a tournament.

This is how it all works: between Monday June 12th and Thursday June 15th, Bush Grapes Park will be open for business. Anyone who is registered for the FDC on Saturday the 17th can just show up and play games. The games will be 1v1 games, with the option to choose any person who is in attendance to serve as a fielder (limit two fielders). These games will count as games towards your placement in the FDC. If you win, your team moves up. If you lose, they move down. There will be no standings points from this week, but it will help you on Saturday.

On Thursday, the final games will be played. On Friday, we'll set the schedule for the FDC (official format TBD). We'll also crown someone the 1v1 Week Champion, and you'll receive free entry into the FDC!

Come on out to BGP June 12-15 to get some good practice, help your team on Saturday, and have some fun!