10 Every 10: The 10 Best Special Signatures

We're now just 40 days away from the ODT, and in this installment of 10 Every 10 we run down the best special signature features that players have. It may sound confusing but bear with me.

10.) Chris Sacheli's Fielding Technique

He's not nicknamed "FOY" for nothing, people. He brings a lot to the field, including amazing diving catches and other sick plays. But his greatest fielding achievement comes from " The Gather". Basically any ground balls is vacuumed up by his technique. It's a beautiful thing.

9.) Dave Erb's Knuckleball

We've had a fair share of knuckleballers over the history of the OCWA, but no one had one quite like Dave. First, he was a lefty, and second was that this wasn't a slow pitch. It would come in at decent speed, look straight, then catch a wind guts and tie you in a pretzel. The slow pitch version is still pretty decent.

8.) Don Sutton's Riser

This article isn't going to turn in to who had the best pitch, but this was a signature pitch. It's basically all Don threw, it was fast, and it moved at least 12 inches horizontally. You could never really tell where this pitch was going to end up but you would look silly as he piped it right down the middle.

7.) Ben Brown's Engineer Cap

Ben Brown is one of the most enigmatic characters in the league. Always a solid player but always brought something different to the field. The Engineer Cap is what has stood the test of time. It surprises me every time he comes that he doesn't just hop right off the train and play some wiffle.

6.) Colby Delaney's Leg Kick

Krabbs was another special character in this league. He had another great signature (the Prince Fielder swing) but the leg kick was his bread and butter. He would start with a Dontrelle Willis like gather, only to place the foot right down where it started and lob in a meatball.

5.) Chris Roeder's Release Point

This might not be right on everyone's mind but I think it's something to pay attention to. Batting against him in fast pitch was a nightmare because of his release point. He had about 40 different pitches from the same exact arm slot. It stills amazes me people ever hit him.

4.) Jon Suhre's Eephus

The Suhre eephus is probably the most famous pitch in the OCWA. This is the ultimate do-or-die pitch. Thrown poorly and it drops right into your swing path or catches the top of the netting. But thrown perfectly, it barely misses the net crossbar and picks the very top of the zone. It is a truly unhittable pitch.

3.) Doug Bush's Moccasins

The Most Famous Shoes in Wiffleball are worn by the legendary Papa Bush. The first mocs to see BGP saw a championship, some fireball pitching, a couple ODT wins, and zero defensive ground covered. There have been a few pairs of the classic shoes, but the OG Mocs are the greatest.

2.) Chris Sacheli's Hat

Chris Sacheli is such a unique guy he gets two spots on this list. The Gather might be a solid playing signature but The Hat is THE standard of wiffleball fashion. Straight out of Michael's and on to the wiffle field, this dirty old hat is covered with wiffle logos and BGP dust of old.

1.) Justin Tomkins Ovechtrick

Ovechtrick in this instance is 4 different things happening in the same game. I know it's cheap that I'm giving myself the top spot, but I really don't want this. Also, it has to be here. The J Ovechtrick, according to Jon Suhre, is: almost/did hurt himself, threw a ball in anger at the ground and/or teammate, molested the bat while waiting for a walk, and removing an article of clothing (usually a hat). You can almost guarantee to see one of these per day.