Friday Thoughts - 3/31

March 31, 2017

   Coming in a bit late with the fourth edition of Friday thoughts due to some previous obligations (work) but we still made it. This week is a pretty long video but definitely worth a watch if you have the time. This video combines my favorite media outlet with everyone's favorite sport, Barstool and Wiffleball. Enjoy.




- The first 3 minutes are purely a salsa cooking contest. Funny, but definitely skippable if you're just here for the wiffs

- Pres saying "pup" instead of "pop" gets me every time

- (3:23) LAAADIEEEESSSS, the most women ever seen at a wiffleball event at one time

- Papi's outfit is a 200/10

- The field they're at looks pretty sick, definitely gonna try to set up a tournament there sometime

- Pres with the baseball pants? I didn't know this was a Palisades event

- Papi with 1 HR is an embarrassment but I still love him

- Huge fan of the massive lip of Big League Chew. Definitely gonna steal that move for this year's NWLAT

- Big Cat has the best mustache wiffleball has ever seen


   That'll do it for March. Be sure to keep checking the site and our twitter feed @OCWA for even more content leading up to the ODT. As always, if you have any random videos you want me to check out please leave a comment or tweet me @rbush11. See you next week.


P.S. Keep an eye on the comments because Bacon has been adding his own thoughts to these every week

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