Friday Thoughts - 3/17

Back at it again for the second installment of Friday Thoughts. I ventured outside of the OCWA this week and found a video from a league/field that I've never heard of. I present to you - Wiffle Ball 8/10/16 (Tabbit Field Wiffle Ball).


- I’m actually a huge fan of this field. The grass looks to be in decent shape, there’s a ton of room, and the fencing is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say one of these guys works at a movie theater.

- The MLB thought that lowering the mound after the 1968 season would help out the offense a bit, Tabbit Field thought otherwise. What looks to be somewhere around a 20” mound produced an absolute slugfest between the squads of Brian, Adam, Derek, and Devin, and Pat, Joe, Jared, and Kyle.

- How about the soundtrack they’ve got going here? Banger after banger after banger. A few of my favorites from this collection include "Insane in the Membrane", "Waterfalls", and "Gettin Jiggy With It"

- My vote for MVP has to go to Manny Machado. Dude shows up with an authentic jersey and hat and all he does is hit frozen ropes and hustle around the base paths.

- I'm not sure if there's a speed limit for pitching here but somebody has to do something about the guy in the football jersey. He first appears on the mound at the 3:05 mark and after giving up a few hits, number 14 in red really starts to pump em in there. Gotta give credit to the hitters though, I don't recall a single K against this guy.

- The guy in the yellow hulk tank top made no less than 15 errors.

- Was this the longest wiffle game in history? This game started at approximately 3pm and finished with the camera shifting into night vision.

- Overall this was actually a pretty enjoyable video to watch. The commentary was amazing and there was some solid play all around. Not sure if these guys have an actual league but if they do, I'd highly suggest they visit

That'll do for this week. Happy St. Pats and like I've said before, if you have any random videos you want me to check out please leave a comment or tweet me @rbush11. See you next week.