Friday Thoughts - 3/10

I don't know about you, but this is time of year when my wiffdrawals really start to kick in. I find myself getting lost on YouTube watching wiffle videos from leagues I've never even heard of just to pass the time. Instead of just keeping these experiences to myself, I've decided that every Friday leading up to the ODT (register today at I'm gonna share a random wiffle video and provide some of my thoughts about it. I'll definitely be getting into other leagues, but to start things off I gotta be a homer. I present to you, the 2012 Game 1 Semifinal matchup between Take a Wiff and the Plainguys.


- YouTube claims that this video is available in 720p HD quality but about four seconds into the video you'll realize that this is a huge lie.

- This might be the greatest collection of hats that a single game has ever seen. Take a Wiff (red) walked right out of Michael's and on to the wiffle diamond with a custom velcro-back lid on Sacheli and a telephone cord foam visor on Maves. Not quite sure how they managed to lose this game with those hats. Lost behind these two beauties is a personal favorite of mine - the OG orange Netherlands WBC hat on Bacon (let's go NED).

- The shreenshotted scoreboards of a Microsoft Excel document between innings was innovative stuff, shoutout to me on that one.

- Roeder's clean ball screwball at 4:12... how?

- High quality commentary by Maves at 5:48

- An extremely pixelated OCWA logo sliding across your screen was such a fitting way to end this video.

- Overall this was a pretty competitive game with some solid play on both sides of the ball. It's a shame you could barely see what was going on.

If you have any random videos you want me to check out please leave a comment or tweet me @rbush11. See you next week.