CWP Wins 2016 Championship

The team of Roeder and Coyk have taken down another season of OCWA competition, losing only one game in the playoffs on their way to the crown. Congratulations to the Pitches, who have captured their second championship. Full team-by-team season recaps:

6.) Pavlov’s Dawgs (5-9)

Team MVP: Dylan Frankel (13 HR, 38 RBI, .436/.495/.989, 4-9, 7.45 ERA, 19 K)

The Dawgs came into the season as a good but not great team. They went out and made a statement, finishing second in the ODT. After that they missed a few events and fizzled out, going 0-3 in the playoffs. A lack of a power hitter really killed them but Frankel’s pitching prowess kept them in games.

5.) Crazed Loons (3-17)

Team MVP: Dave Erb (9 HR, 21 RBI, .627/.648/1.224, 1-3, 6.00 ERA, 12 K)

The Loons came into the season as a complete unknown, but they improved by leaps and bounds throughout the season. They won their first two games when Dave came to play and beat the Dawgs in the playoffs to finish 5th. Pete improved throughout the year and can hopefully keep this squad together.

4.) Caledonia Crush (10-6)

Team MVP: Regis Pollard (22 HR, 57 RBI, .606/.629/1.495, 10-6, 4.78 ERA, 38 K)

The Crush came into the playoffs as the second seed, but had a poor showing. They had to fight the long fight but ultimately couldn’t overcome Papa Jack’s. Regis was the workhorse on the mound and a big factor at the plate, but the rotation of third guys never really worked for them.

3.) Papa Jack’s (11-12)

Team MVP: Jon Suhre (31 HR, 65 RBI, .500/.537/1.223, 8-7, 8.34 ERA, 41 K)

The Jack’s found an old gem in the form of Don Sutton who really put another spark into this potent lineup. These guys all mash the ball, but they could never find a lockdown pitcher. Suhre shouldered most of the load but gave up 142 hits over 55.2 IP. If they can find or develop a decent pitcher, they’ll be one of the favorites in 2017.

2.) Freaky Franchise (14-9)

Team MVP: Ryan Bush (69 HR, 151 RBI, .726/.739/1.886, 3-3, 7.09 ERA, 18 K)

This team came out and smacked everybody in the mouth in the first two tournaments, but ultimately sputtered down the stretch. Bush set an absolutely unreal mark of 69 HR in 23 games, but they couldn’t find the right pitching and had to rely too much on the offense to win games. They’ll be a force as long as Bush keeps producing.

1.) Crazy White Pitches (18-8)

Team MVP: Chris Roeder (54 HR, 124 RBI, .636/.659/1.502, 6-5, 7.18 ERA, 27 K)

This team started slow and got red hot at the right time. They took down the All-Star Tournament and lost only once in the playoffs, claiming the championship. The turning point for these guys was ditching the third player and just rolling with Coyk on the mound, where he won 12 games. Congratulations to these guys once again.

This has been a great year for the OCWA. It was a rebirth of sorts, after a dismal 2015 “season”. The management thanks everyone who came out to play with us, and we hope more people show up to our tournaments next season.