I figured I’d hold off writing this until everyone had a couple weeks to digest this year’s NWLA Tournament. Since then we’ve seen a barrage of GIF’s, a couple retirements (including a potentially game changing one), and one former loudmouth who has been especially quiet. The honeymoon phase is winding down, so let’s get down to the point: we didn’t lose a single game all summer, and I’m gonna run through the highlights and throw out some shoutouts.

June 4th: 5-0 at NYC Regional The run started in NYC, and I can’t say we even put our best foot forward. Our #4/5/6 pitchers went 4-0 on the day, including first wins by Benzing and Frankel. Bush hit an epic walkoff against Tampa (Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains.), then beat Potomac to clinch 5-0 on the day. COUNT IT.

July 16th: 3-0 in Pool Play, 2-0 in DE Everyone remembers exactly what we did last year. Went 0-3 in pool play only to finish as the runner up from the 14 seed. We saved the Big 2 once again, and our offense killed it in the first two games. Hats off to Jon Suhre for going HAM against BWBL, and also props to Benzing for another W. The real hero was our third man, Regis Pollard. We faced Griffle’s best in Lidster and Kuna, managed to knock home a run, then all Regis did was not allow a single hit.

Fast forward to DE, Regis once again dominated on the bump against MNWA and our offense did the job. Then, Ryan put down Skibbe, although every run scored in that game seemed to be a sort of controversy. Another 5-0 day was in the books.

July 17th: 3-0 in DE The Harley-Roeder rematch was on, although Tampa’s version of Chris didn’t exactly have it on this day. Alex Clark robbed two separate would-be mercy rule homers, but we prevailed. WSEM awaited, and after some idiot came in, walked the first two batters, then pulled himself, the offense started clicking and Roeder took Bischoff the Younger yard. That proved to be enough, even though Ryan did give me a heart attack by lobbing one to Farkas. The final game against Skibbe was a strange game. The offense couldn’t get going until Bogad lost the board, then Sam the Man(ager) put himself in and walked in the winner. Yes, WALKED. We aren’t apologizing for that.

Shoutouts before I leave:

Chris Gallaway – if this is really your last tournament, thanks for everything. This would’ve never happened without you, and I think all of us should be eternally grateful.

Artim/Flakne – What a game between you two. Two absolute warriors right there, but two of the nicest guys at the whole tournament. Looking forward to seeing you both again.

Hi Chandler! Where did you go? Advice: stay there.

Griffleball – I have to say you guys took going to the Dangerfield a lot better than I would’ve. Glad you guys stuck around and took it home. You looked like you were having fun and you played one of the most entertaining games I’ve ever seen against Brew.

Skibbe/Jackson Crosley – These dudes are for real, guys. This Crosley guy is a stud and has some nasty stuff, as evidenced by his numbers. It was so enjoyable playing with and against you all weekend.

Finally – the Franchise. Ryan/Roeder/Regis, we literally couldn’t have done it without you guys. The combo of you three makes this team what it is, offensively and defensively (and makes a mean Hitz squad). Chainzz/Byun/Jack, thanks for sticking with the squad, and literally taking it for the team. It’s not easy to not play, but you guys are stud coaches and we can’t do it without you.

I’ll leave this one here, but we aren’t done. Keep checking the Franchise twitter account (@FF_Wiffleball) for the Travels of the Cup. We have some cool stuff planned.