In Need of a Drink: 2016 Regional Recap

Well, what an interesting weekend that was. I can safely say that this was the coolest regional ever. Feel free to debate me, anyone who was there will tell you otherwise. The event didn’t go off without various close calls (mostly off the field), but it was still a blast and I enjoyed having everyone there. Some observations:

  1. Friday was great. Johnny Utah’s is a pretty fun (read: expensive. Welcome to NYC!) place and I’ll be back there at some point. I think everyone who didn’t really care about nationals (Us) rode the bull. Maybe that’s the secret.

  2. I didn’t sleep at all Friday night. Between the late night pizza and the general excitement, it was just too much.

  3. It’s cool to see NYC without the cars, all you have to do is go outside at 5 am on a Saturday.

  4. For as much fuss as they put up (we’ll get to that in a minute), the NYC Parks Department keeps that legendary field in HORRIBLE shape. The grass was mid-calf in spots. Yes, that was me weed-whacking grass because no one in the Bronx knows what “lawn” means.

  5. GAWL never backed down in that game against us, and they have some legitimate talent. They may have punted on a team name, but they’ll be fighting for top 8 in Ohio.

  6. Our predictions of Mick Fenway turned out to be true, as they just never really put a huge fight on us. Shout out to Benzing for being a shut down guy and avoiding Puke Game v2.

  7. Ditto, but for Seattle. To be fair they had some pretty good pitching, but not enough hitting to balance it out. Not everyone can follow the WSEM model.

  8. I’m going to write out the drama with the Parks Department. Let’s just say we won’t be invited back. Moving along…

  9. That Tampa game was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played at an NWLA Tournament. Neither team pitched their best guy, and the scored showed it. It was a home run bonanza and ended in perfect fashion: a Bush walk-off bomb to end it. The video is worth watching. Two shout outs here: first, to Dylan Frankel, on earning his first NWLA win, and second to WSEM, for what may have been the Twitter Reply of the Year.

  1. Final shout out of the article: Jason Matt. After what happened to you, you showed your balls of steel and not only laughed about it, but played after. I’d say go celebrate with a kebab, but maybe you should stay away from pointy things for a while.

  2. We were too pumped up to punt against PWL and let them take the region, so, Ryan Bush. We scored enough runs to win, but he should start calling Jim Shannon his daddy. We’ll take the 5-0 regional though.

  3. Final note: we finally have a New England team going to Nationals! With GAWL gaining 6 points, it should be enough. We did it. Next targets: the South and West.

Again, a great weekend. I enjoyed meeting the new teams and mingling with some old friends. No tournament is perfect, but the experience was one that a lot of guys won’t forget.