Father's Day Classic Info

We’re ¼ of the way through the OCWA Tournament schedule this year and we’re now a month away from our second tournament, the Father’s Day Classic. This tournament will feature the same rules as the Opening Day Tournament with one minor tweak regarding home runs:

3.13-1.5 If a ball hits a side roof and goes over the fence/roof without touching anything else it is a home run.

This tournament was supposed to feature corked bats and cut balls, but in the interest of consistency, the league has decided to remain at ODT rules. Therefore, the only tournament with different rules this year will be the C.A.R.E.S Tournament.

Looking back on the ODT, several teams put themselves in good position for playoff seeding. For the six teams that attended the ODT, attending this tournament will qualify you for the Playoffs. Any players who played in the ODT will also be playoff eligible. In essence, I’m expecting to see the same 6 teams and a few more.

Get signed up here at ocwawiffle.com today, and feel free to email/text us any questions you may have. See you at BGP!