Official 2016 ODT Format and Schedule

The 2016 Opening Day Tournament is upon us and we have six teams locked in and ready to play. The games will start at 9 am and can be seen live via Periscope. The following will be the overall format to go along with the general rules:

• Round robin in the morning followed by a single elimination “playoffs” in the afternoon.

• 4 inning games.

• RUN LIMIT: 5 runs per inning. If the bases are loaded with 4 runs in, any runs that score on the following play count. NO RUN LIMIT IN THE LAST INNING.

The official schedule:

And now, because information is boring, some team previews:

Crazy White Pitches: Chris Roeder, Nick Flemister, Tim Coykendall

Chris Roeder is basically putting this team on his back by bringing in a true rookie and the ominous PTBNL. It doesn’t matter, because he’s that good. He has a fluid swing that should translate well to slow pitch, but I guess time will tell. I know nothing about Flemister, but he’s a friend of Roeder’s so he is probably at least decent. The key here is Coyk, who was the PTBNL. He rakes.

Freaky Franchise: Justin Tomkins, Ryan Bush

This squad has two of the best players at their respective positions. On the mound, Tomkins is a good slow pitcher, as he struck out 19 in 29 IP and carried a 3.59 ERA, even after a 16 run explosion in the ship. The better of the two is Bush, who only hit 18 bombs last year in 6 games. Not like that is good at all. He also has skill and deception on the mound, but might not be used as such.

Pavlov’s Dawgs: Dylan “Chainzz” Frankel, Jordan Benzing, Ari Knill

This team has straight chemistry, and they’ve become good wifflers to boot. They will use all their pitchers as they don’t have a dominant guy, but Benzing stood out last year with a 3.5 ERA and 9 K’s over 7 IP. At the dish all these guys can mash, but Chainzz and Knill hit .387 and .400 respectively with 4 bombs a piece. Plus, they might be the smartest team here. Look out for them to move up.

Papa Jack’s: Jon “Jack” Suhre, Doug “Papa” Bush

Suhre was one of the stars of the previous ODT. He posted a 2.92 ERA with a tournament-leading 20 K’s over 24.2 IP. He also hit .381 with 8 bombs. Expect him to repeat those numbers, although this year he has some help. Papa Bush isn’t a stellar slow pitcher but he does bring some pop at the plate. Suhre’s eephus is a tough pitch, and that makes this team a tough team.

Crazed Loons: Josh “Pete” Ciolek, Chris Sacheli

Pete had to shoulder the load of an entire team last year, but he produced. As a member of the Invalids, he made his name as a good pitcher, posting a 4.63 ERA and 11 K over 19 IP. He also posted a respectable .320 average, although no bombs. His team didn’t score a single run, but Sacheli will change that. Dude can mash, and could be used on the mound as well.

Tech: Alex “Bacon” Barber, Ben Brown, Dan Bireley

This team comes straight out of Boston and features two former OCWA lifers and a rookie. Bacon and Ben have been here before, but it has been a long time. Who knows what they’ll be able to bring. All I can say is that Bacon and Ben will be decent slow pitchers and they also both can destroy meaty pitches. The wildcard is Bireley, if he can produce, this team will definitely win some games.