BWP: Opening Day Tourney Predictions

Take a deep breath. No a deeper one. Soak it all in. Close your eyes, feel the breeze and smile. It is almost that time and I am literally chomping at the bit to get my hands on one of those golden sticks and take a few hacks. I can smell the fresh cut grass, the newly painted lines, and the musk of a young crisp Roeder. There is an itch only a new doctored 8-hole wiffle ball can scratch, and I have been preparing physically and mentally to walk on that field and give it my all.

My team this year is a rag tag group of Bostonians coming in to take the chip out of New York State. Today I want to share our mission, our game plan, and scouting reports with you and all the other teams competing in this year’s ODT. Some may say, “But Bacon, why would you give up this information?” and to that I say these three things:

1.)I am confident in my team’s ability to go out there and win.

2.)I couldn’t come up with anything to write.

3.)And lastly, as bone crusher once said, “I ain’t never scared!”

There are a total of 6 teams at the moment with only a few days left to register, Deadline is May 4th at 11:59pm (looks like Doug and Ryan have some crazy Cinco De Mayo plans). These 6 teams have some regulars, some newbies, some champs and some chumps. This is my take on the OCWA Opening Day Tournament 2016.

Crazed Loons: When I said Champs and Chumps above really only one person falls under both categories, Josh “Petri” Ciolek. Now I don’t have any beef with Ciolek. The kids got heart and I think he is going to bring it. He’s really only a chump because he is a champ and I’ll leave it at that. This unlikely duo of Chris Sacheli, former FOY of the league, and Josh Ciolek leaves me wondering how will the chemistry of these two work out. I have high hopes for Sacheli, he is a strong competitor and always will be but I really don’t see these two making it too far. They are playing with way too many disadvantages. They are down a man, lack team chemistry and based on a statement from Chris Sacheli himself, “I’m hoping we have more runs than errors when we play,” leaves me with the assumption that they are going to come in dead last this year. Thanks for the $20 bucks gentleman, it will be great to see you.

Team Name: B

Team Skill/Chemistry: C

ODT Ranking: 6th

Papa Jack’s: Another upstate NY duo with the heart of a thousand men. Jon Surhe is a hustler on and off the field. He will get base hits, he will make plays and he will look fantastic doing both. I think Jon’s experience in the wiffleball circuit, playing tournaments nationwide, will definitely make competitors nervous when facing him. I’m not sure who picked up whom but putting my favorite wiffleball player and biggest Instagram fan on your team is always a smart choice. Doug “E. Fresh” Bush never ceases to amaze me. It’s a young man’s game and he is just killing it all day every day. This is a solid team and I think it would have been in their best interest to do a three-man format. That being said, pitching has never been Jon’s strong point and a slow pitch tournament might be just what he needed. I have high hopes for you two. Don’t let me down.

Team Name: B+

Team Skill/Chemistry: B+

ODT Ranking: 4th

Pavlov’s Dawgs: Frankel and friends are back and ready for some action. One of Two full teams, the Dawgs supply some solid team chemistry. These guys have been taking hacks and tossing balls together for a few years now and I think they will definitely be a team worth playing. That being said I don’t think they are going to go very far. The ODT is a league of legends and I just don’t think they will have what it takes. Scrappy won’t win them the chip.

Team Name: B-

Team Skill/Chemistry: B+

ODT Ranking: 5th

Crazy White Pitches: Here come the big dogs. Chris Roeder and Nick Flemister. I know Chris well, we’ve been team mates, co-workers, classmates and friends. If there is one thing I can tell you about Mr. Roeder it is that that boy can throw a wiffle ball. And one great thing about this tournament is, it’s SLOW PITCH! I’m sure we are going to be seeing some crazy movement, and tricky releases but with a 40mph cap it will be meatball city. The games against the crazy white pitches is all about scoring those extra 4 runs per inning if possible. I’m predicting high scoring affairs, with plenty of homeruns. Get your popcorn ready for this showing. Nick is a wildcard to me. All I know about him is things I’ve seen from Chris’ snapchat. He could be a potential ringer this outing. And if Coyk shows up, game over folks. (Update: Coyk IS showing up).

Team name: A

Team Skill/Chemistry: A

ODT Ranking: 3rd

Freaky Franchise: Ugh you guys know what I’m going to say. OVER RATED! We need a first round knockout of these chumps or they may go all the way. The most veteran players of the league are basically inviting us to their house to take our money. Screw that. If this was an 80’s sports movie J and Ryan would have long blonde hair, be bullying the “nerds,” and getting ready to start their next year’s season at State. We need to knock them down a bit and show them who’s boss.

Team Name: F

Team Skill/Chemistry: A+

ODT Ranking: 2nd

Tech: Who better to beat those jerks at state, then the humble heroes over at Tech. Team Captain Alex Barber is bringing his old fav Ben Brown and newcomer Dan Bireley to bush grapes park to show everyone what Boston is made of. Staying in shape playing softball on the weekends these three are going to be the powerhouse of the tournament. Arms like cannons, swings like prongs, they are ready and willing to knock down anything in their way. Captain Barber is quoted as saying, “I’m coming home this year, and Skush is going to wish I never did.” Driving 6 hours to participate in this year’s tournament, these boys will have plenty of road time to plan their attack. Look out everybody here they come. #beatstate #letsgotech

Team Name: A+

Team Skill/Chemistry: A

ODT Ranking: 1st

Those are my ODT predictions. I want to thank Ryan Bush and J Thompkins for letting me write these things. Get out there and register for this year’s ODT. See if you can beat Tech.