2016 OCWA Schedule

We told you all dates were subject to change, but we’re announcing an exciting partnership for one of our dates. Many of the dates remain the same, but the formats are changing. Here’s a look at the updated schedule:

May 7th: The 9th Annual Opening Day Tournament - BGP

No change in date or time for the Classic.

June 18th: Play Your Way Tournament - BGP

Two minor rule changes:

1.) All balls have to be WIFFLE brand. Any scuff or cut is allowed.

2.) All bats have to be original yellow, with no extension. Any cork, tape, or outside padding is allowed.

July 30th: The 3rd Annual CARES Tournament – Tennent Park, Caledonia, NY

The CARES Tournament has been run by our friends over at Washburn Wiffleball League for the last two years, and now we’ve decided to team up for a good cause. All proceeds ($25 per team) go to the Cal-Mum Alumni Remembrance Educational Scholarship. More info for the CARES Tournament can be found at www.carestournament.com.

August 27th: All-Star Tournament - BGP

We’ll reconvene at BGP for the last tournament of the regular season and also honor our All-Stars and Home Run hitters.

September 17th: 2016 OCWA Playoffs - BGP

All teams that qualify will be given the invite to the 2016 OCWA Playoffs. Seeds will be determined based on points earned via wins and championship during the regular season. Each series will be best-of-three. Your team needs to attend two events to qualify for playoffs, and all players on your team need to attend at least one tournament playing for your team.