2016 OCWA Format

We are just two short months away from wiffleball at Bush Grapes Park, as registration for the tournament opens today. Those details are covered elsewhere, we’re here to release the 2016 OCWA League details as promised. These are the rules people, read them, learn them, love them. You will be tested.

GENERAL: As previously mentioned, we are running one tournament a month from May-August, followed by playoffs in September. At these events, you will be guaranteed FIVE GAMES, mostly coming from round robin, and then either a single or double elimination tournament, based on how many teams show up. At each event, you will earn points based on winning games and overall finish in the tournament. The points system is as follows:

• Every round robin win = 1 point

• Tournament winner gets 5 points

• Second Place gets 3 points

• Third and Fourth get 2 points each

• All other teams get 1 point

Each point a team earns will put them in a better seeding position for the playoffs. In order to qualify for playoffs, each team needs to attend AT LEAST TWO of the FOUR regular season events. Every team that does this will qualify for playoffs, however, if more than 16 teams qualify for playoffs then the top 16 in points will qualify.

ROSTERS: Rosters are completely flexible as long as they fall within the 2-3 player range (except for the C.A.R.E.S. Tournament). However, in order for your team to continue to accrue points and qualify for playoffs, they need to register with the SAME CAPTAIN AND TEAM NAME for every tournament they attend. IF YOU CHANGE TEAM NAMES, IT WILL BE TREATED LIKE A NEW TEAM. Also, IF THE SAME TEAM NAME IS USED WITH A DIFFERENT CAPTAIN, YOU MUST NOTIFY EITHER RYAN OR MYSELF. These rules are important for playoff qualification as well as stat keeping, so please try not to make our jobs (read: Ryan’s job) any harder.

PLAYER QUALIFICATIONS: A player must play in AT LEAST TWO of the FOUR regular season events in order to be eligible for playoffs. There are two cases of qualification:

1. A player plays for one team all season: In this case, the player would be eligible for that team only.

2. A player plays for multiple teams: In this case, the player is eligible for the team he/she played the most events with. If it is a tie, the player can choose either team so long as the team also wants them.

INTERESTED PLAYERS: If you are interested in playing but can’t put together a team, notify either Ryan or myself and we will do our best to either place you on a team or build a team around you. Our goal is to get as many players as possible to come out and experience our tournaments, so we encourage individuals to reach out to us.

PAYMENT: New for this year, each player will pay a $10 entrance fee per tournament (except for the C.A.R.E.S. Tournament). 50% of the money collected at the tournament will go the day’s champion, the other 50% will go towards the playoff fund.

REGULAR TOURNAMENT INFO: Registration will open for each tournament shortly after the previous tournament, and will be announced on Twitter and Facebook. All tournaments will be slow pitch, but will feature different formats. Our schedule and tournament formats can be found on the OCWA Home Page, but in depth formats will be released prior to every tournament.

C.A.R.E.S. TOURNAMENT INFO: The C.A.R.E.S. Tournament will be held at Tennent Park in Caledonia, NY on July 30th, 2016. The entrance fee is $25 per team and there will be no payout, as all proceeds benefit the Cal-Mum Alumni Remembrance Educational Scholarship. Tjis tournament will feature base running and 4-5 players per team, and each team is guaranteed at least 3 games. Your rosters do not have to reflect your regular team. As long as the team captain is there, your team will receive 5 points and it will count as an event attended. It will also count for an event attended for every player there, regardless of who you play with. More info and tournament registration can be found at www.carestournament.com.

CONTACT INFO: If you have any questions about any of the rules, tournaments, interest in playing, or just want to say hi hello, you can reach Justin Tomkins at (315) 521-8478 or at jtomkins084@gmail.com.