2015 Opening Day Tournament Recap

It was a weird year in the OCWA. The original date of the ODT was cancelled due to a combination of extreme rain and tired arms. The rain plagued the league all year, and mixed with bad personal schedules, ended in the commissioner cancelling the rest of the regular season and declaring the rescheduled Opening Day Tournament to double as the OCWA Playoffs.

In all, five teams showed up to Bush Grapes Park on a windy Saturday in September, with three of them vying for the OCWA Crown. The Franchise, Dawgs, and Hack Daniels were joined by the Caledonia Crush (our good friends from Washburn) and the Invalids, whose name aptly described their playing style.

Game-by-game recap:

Game 1: Freaky Franchise 6, Pavlov’s Dawgs 5

The Dawgs were considered a sleeper team but fell at the hands of the Franchise after a back-and-forth game.

Game 2: Hack Daniels 1, Invalids 0

And thus began the legend of Pete. Shut down Daniels through 4 until Suhre walked it off in extras.

Game 3: Caledonia Crush 1, Invalids 0

Invalids dropped another 0 as the Crush get acclimated to Bush Grapes Park.

Game 4: Freaky Franchise 3, Hack Daniels 1

Game was never really in doubt despite the final score, and the Franchise took an early lead over their OCWA rivals.

Game 5: Caledonia Crush 7, Pavlov’s Dawgs 3

This began what became an offensive show for the Crush, meanwhile, the sleeping Dawgs fell to 0-2.

Game 6: Pavlov’s Dawgs 5, Hack Daniels 3

The Dawgs improved their record against OCWA teams to 1-1 and their overall record to 1-2.

Game 7: Freaky Franchise 7, Invalids 0

The Franchise teed off on the rookie squad and the pitching shut down the Invalid offense.

Game 8: Caledonia Crush 2, Hack Daniels 1

Hack kept this one very close, but couldn’t pull out a victory. This pushed the Crush to 3-0 and set up a match for the #1 seed.

Game 9: Pavlov’s Dawgs 6, Invalids 0

The Invalids fell to 0-4 without scoring a single run, while the Dawgs finish 2-2 in round robin.

Game 10: Freaky Franchise 5, Caledonia Crush 1

The battle between the two 3-0 teams ended in a Franchise victory, but the day was not over.


1.)Freaky Franchise, 4-0, +14 RD

2.)Caledonia Crush, 3-1, +2 RD

3.)Pavlov’s Dawgs, 2-2, +3 RD

4.)Hack Daniels, 1-3, -4 RD

5.)Invalids, 0-4, -15 RD

#4 Hack Daniels 7, #5 Invalids 0

Hack showed no mercy come playoff time as they crushed the Invalids, who went 0-for the day.

#2 Caledonia Crush 2, #3 Pavlov’s Dawgs 0

The Crush had enough offense to pull this one out against the Dawgs, with the Dawgs being eliminated from the OCWA Championship race.

#1 Freaky Franchise 8, #4 Hack Daniels 3

The de facto 2015 OCWA Championship game ended in a Franchise victory, who took home their fourth championship. Still had to face the Crush to take down the ODT.

#2 Caledonia Crush 16, #1 Freaky Franchise 12

This was a slow pitch wiffleball event, so this game being the first where a team scored 10+ runs was shocking. The Crush became the first non-OCWA team to win an ODT.

The Crush took home the ODT title, with a stud performance on the mound by Regis Pollard. The MVP went to Cody Hammond, whose offense paced the tournament. The Franchise took down the bastardized 2015 OCWA Championship.

COMMISH NOTE: I thought this year’s ODT was a huge success and one of the most fun OCWA tournaments to date. We will be announcing a format for 2016 very soon, but expect this style of play to be the norm. We’d like to thank our friends from Washburn for coming out and we hope to see more teams at next year’s ODT.