Tournament Info and 2016 Plans

This has been a very trying season, certainly the most trying in OCWA history. The hope coming in is that since schedules are tighter and less people are involved, less teams and less games would help complete a season. That no longer is the case, and the commissioner’s office has decided to end the 2015 OCWA Regular Season effective immediately. This decision does not come lightly and steps will be taken to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. We will detail those steps… now? Now sounds good.

The 2015 season will not go without a champion, and as promised, the OCWA will be hosting an open tournament for anyone who wants to be involved. This tournament will double as the 8th Annual Opening Day Tournament as well as the league championship. While the league championship can only be brought home by one of the four OCWA teams for this season, the Opening Day Tournament winner could be anyone. And for the first time ever, an OCWA event will be strictly slow pitch. The event will be free to any team who wants to participate. Come out on Saturday, September 19th to Bush Grapes Park and go up against the OCWA’s best.

Regarding 2016: this event will be a test run for a series of events to be run in 2016. The 2016 format will be the same one day slow pitch tournament style, with every team in attendance guaranteed at least five games (depending on turnout, could be more). The number and dates of these events have not been finalized, but that information will get out to the public as soon as possible. However, there will be AT LEAST 2, so any team that plays 10 games over the course of the summer will get invited to play in the 2016 OCWA Playoffs. Again, more 2016 details will emerge over the winter.

In closing, we would like to invite everyone to come out to Bush Grapes Park on September 19th for some tournament wiffle. For more information or to register a team, contact Justin Tomkins at 315-521-8478 or