Worry About Yourselves

Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard two different podcasts claim that the OCWA is a dying league. While it doesn’t look great, I’m here to assure you that we are fine.

Let’s look at the “facts”: I moved to Connecticut (true), we lost some teams (kinda true), and we’re putting out less videos (not true). Yes, the co-commish did move to Connecticut, but I left the league in Ryan Bush’s extremely capable hands (plus I’ll still be involved). Yes we lost “two” teams, however, over the past few years the league has been plagued by forfeits, so this was considered addition by subtraction. A combination of bad work schedules plus bad weather forced HTML to only play two games, but they’ll get them in as the weather (hopefully) improves. The final “fact” is false thanks to the advent of Periscope. We have been streaming our games since our discovery of the app at the BWBLPA regional. Therefore, we have put out very few videos. Let me remind everyone that the bulk of our videos were season recap videos that fed your wiffle itch during the winter.

Touching on another point and clarifying that, Chris Roeder has games. One podcast said we took 27 minutes to put stats up, the other said we took 2 days. After I discovered they were down, I texted my stat guy. 2 minutes later, they were up. You’re telling me that two entire games of stats were fabricated in 2 minutes? If you can upload two entire games of stats in 2 minutes, I’ll bring an ESPN application with me to Ohio. Maybe get your facts straight.

The real story behind that involves our team scouting, and in order to export our stats from the website we have to set the games to incomplete. Stat guy didn’t set those games to complete. He had stats for regionals, which were checked before regionals and approved by two separate people. Case closed.

There are some problems with the league, but I’m here to guarantee that the OCWA will be returning to the NWLA Tournament in 2016. There are plans in place to expand the league and add new talent. These plans won’t be released until the winter, but rest assured, the OCWA isn’t going anywhere. Just make sure your league brings a team that’s up to the task.