2015 NWLA East Regional Recap

So the Freaky Franchise was already qualified for Ohio, and needed exactly zero wins to get there. We headed to Wilkes-Barre, PA for the 2015 NWLA Regional with this in mind. Here’s how that went.

Game 1: OCWA 13, BWBLPA 3

This was a semi-grudge match from three years ago, and we really didn’t want to lose to the host. Therefore, we starter Chris Roeder and put the idea of a loss to bed quickly. He pitched two perfect innings before Tomkins came in and let up 3 over 2 innings, but the Franchise came away with the W.

Game 2: HVWBL 11, OCWA 3

Did we want to win this specific game? Ehh. But we did want that plaque. We only wanted to burn Bush and Roeder for one game this tournament, so Tomkins started. It didn’t go well, and reliever Knill didn’t do any better. Hudson Valley is gonna surprise some teams in Ohio, I’ll leave it there.

Game 3: OCWA 0, HFWB 0

I hate ties. With the plaque still in play, Bush started this one and threw 6 scoreless, but the offense had nothing going on and we tied. That is the most communist statement you will see in this article. Ties are communist. Hess Field is going to be a contender in Ohio for sure, they certainly have the pitching to do it. I HATE TIES.

Game 4: SRL 5, OCWA 4

With the plaque officially out of play, this was a “let’s go have fun” game. Knill started and let up 3 but we had a lead heading in to the last. Roeder came in to close, but I blew it for him. You are so welcome SRL. To be honest, they would have qualified anyway, and they’re much improved from last year.

The Franchise finished 1-2-1 in an experimental tournament. We got some good scouting done on other teams as well as our own guys. Don’t expect to be treated nicely in Ohio.