2015 Freaky Franchise NWLA Regional Roster

After a 4th place finish in the 2014 NWLA Tournament, the Freaky Franchise is back. Having to go through major roster change for the first time due to the loss of Brett Bigler, the Franchise have brought of some other weapons that can be utilized this year. The roster will most likely be the same for regionals and nationals, and will feature three NWLA Tournament rookies.

#2 Chris Roeder Bats: S Throws: R

Roeder got his first NWLA Tournament experience last year as one of the top two pitchers. Although he only posted a 1-1 record, he impressed with 63 K’s compared to only 11 walks. He also posted a 0.43 ERA over 27.2 innings. He’s also equally impressive at the plate with a team-leading .340 average, also racking up 4 bombs and 14 RBI. He will be featured as one of the aces as well as a feature in the lineup.

#3 Justin Tomkins Bats: R Throws: R

Tomkins is a three year vet and a co-manager of the Franchise, but last year was a down year at the plate. He still features a .528 career OBP and has belted 11 homers with 51 RBI. He has been improving on the mound every year, going 2-0 last year, striking out 13 while walking 4. His 3.43 ERA was a career best, and will solidify his spot as a spot starter.

#5 Ari Knill Bats: R Throws: R

Knill is the first of three rookies and has the best stuff on the mound. He is a three year OCWA vet, and hit .360 with 5 homers and 55 RBI last season. His bat is nearly outweighed by his performance on the mound, as he went 5-5 last season with 31 K’s. He will join Tomkins as a spot starter, and can be expected to be seen in regionals.

#8 Dylan Frankel Bats: R Throws: R

Frankel is another NWLA rookie who is also a three year vet. He is one of the smartest hitters in the lineup, and is much improved from his early days as a wiffleball player. He found his swing last year, hitting .315 with 11 homers and 58 RBI. He also carried an impressive .596 OBP. Frankel will be an extra hitter when he’s not being Coach Chainzz.

#11 Ryan Bush Bats: L Throws: R

The Captain is back and out to prove that the 2014 Tournament was a fluke. He hit very poorly in last year’s tournament, but still holds a .278 average with 17 homers and 69 RBI. He vows to make that better this year, but what he will keep up is his pitching performance. He has a career 1.25 ERA over 72 innings, registering a 12-1 record and 180 strikeouts. He and Roeder will share the ace duty, much like last year.

#13 Jordan Benzing Bats: R Throws: R

Benzing is the third and final rookie on the team, and one of the better hitters of the group. Last year he nearly matched Dylan Frankel by putting up a .324 average with 12 bombs and 58 RBI. He also has a great eye, with a .566 OBP. He and Frankel will be occupying a similar spot, as fixtures in the lineup due to their ability to get on base.

#18 Jon Suhre Bats: R Throws: R

The heart and soul of the team is back and getting on base as usual. He was another on the team who had a down year last year, but still holds a .207 career average as well as a .486 on base percentage. Suhre has a great eye and can get the hits the team needs. He won’t pitch, but will be another staple in the lineup.