April Power Rankings

April 19, 2015

    The 2015 season is coming up quickly and the OCWA is experiencing some change. First and foremost, the league will be dropping two teams, going with four for 2015. This addition by subtraction will weed out the forfeits and strengthen the quality of the league. Each team will play 18 games in the regular season with each series lasting three games. All teams will make the playoffs without any byes. Now that the four teams are official, that means that we can make our first power rankings of the year, so here’s the April Power Rankings:


1.) HTML

    Roeder and Coykendall are back for another season after taking home the OCWA and NWLA titles last year. They could make a name change but they figure to be as freakish on the mound and at the dish as last year, and could retain BJ Turner. That move hasn’t been confirmed yet but it would be shocking to see it not go through.


2.) Freaky Franchise

    The Cousin line is back in R. Bush and Tomkins, which brings a ton of power and a top line pitcher. Then they added some more prowess at the dish in Chris Sacheli. Sacheli also provides some middle relief insurance should Tomkins falter like he did on the mound last year. This should be without a doubt a top two team.


3.) Pavlov’s Dawgs

    I have a feeling that this team that cherishes continuity will keep their team name and will keep their roster of Frankel, Knill, and Benzing. Frankel and Knill bring it at the dish and Benzing is an up and coming star who is a vacuum in the field. This team could use a second pitcher, but they find a way to win games and will keep that up this year.


4.) Suhre and Papa

    The team that could’ve been last year is now a thing this year. Doug and Suhre combine to form an all-around good team. There are a few questions that come from this roster, namely, which player they might pick up as a third option. Joe Simmons is a name that’s been thrown around, but nothing official. This team needs a second pitcher and a top bat, and could rise quickly.

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