Player Profile: Doug Bush

With the time to the 8th Annual Opening Day Tournament ticking down, we have started a weekly profile on our 2015 OCWA players. We continue our series this week with the Godfather, Doug Bush.

Doug Bush is the OCWA’s Satchel Paige, our Phil Niekro, our Nolan Ryan. I mean he’s played forever, and at 51 years old and after a knee surgery he is still dominant. He’s one of the Original 9, the first players to play back in 2008. In the first official OCWA season, all he did was lead the Lil Pens to a 13-2 record and win an OCWA Championship. He posted a pitching line of 5 wins, a 2.43 ERA, and a 2.6:1 K:BB ratio, among the best in league history. His contribution at the plate during that run cannot be overlooked either as he posted a .376 average with 53 RBI. His numbers have dipped slightly over time but he is still one of the best in the league’s history. He holds a spot in the top five of most all-time records, most impressive being his 27 wins and 187 strikeouts, both good for third all time. That’s not all he has accomplished over his six seasons in the OCWA; he has also won three of the seven Opening Day Tournaments. He has bounced around the league over the years, starting with the Lil Pens in 2009, he became the Flying Squirrels in 2011, then joined the Tampa Bay Turtles in 2012. In 2013 he reformed the Pens, but this year he teams up with Jon Suhre and a new team.