Some 2015 Things

Well we’ve been on a hiatus for a while now, but we probably should talk about what’s going on for 2015. Not a whole lot has been finalized for the upcoming season, but we’ll try to run down what we know and what is speculation.

1.) We know three teams for sure.

We know that there could be a smaller pool of teams for this season, but we are sure of three teams for this upcoming season. The Freaky Franchise and Pavlov’s Dawgs will be returning for another season, and the hope is that Roeder and Coyk stick around for another year. The rest of the players in the league are unknowns at this point. We will also see a new team. Speaking of which…

2.) Jon Suhre and Doug Bush will be teaming up.

This has been speculation that this move was going to happen for the last two years but Papa decided to keep the Lil Pens together last year. This year, he’s teaming up with Suhre and a possible third (Puig?). They might retain the Pens name, but this will be a new, dangerous team.

3.) The Opening Day Tourney will be expanding.

This was officially announced last month, but for the first time, the tournament will feature outside teams as well as the teams participating in the 2015 OCWA season. The tournament will take place on a weekend in May, but no word has been officially released on a date for that just yet.

4.) The Freaky Franchise will once again be a travelling team.

This was also a given, but the team will be returning to Ohio for the NWLA Tournament this year, as well as playing Golden Stick Fast Pitch event. The GSWL schedule and format has not been released yet, but you’ll be able to see the Franchise at events across the country this year.

5.) Speaking of travelling, the OCWA will be looking to host the NWLA Tournament East Regional.

The NWLA will be expanding into regional qualifying tournaments and the OCWA will be the first league to throw their hat into the hosting ring. There are a ton of logistical aspects that need to be worked out, but getting an early start will be the key. Keeping this regional nearby will be helpful for the team and anybody who wants to watch.