Player Profile: Ryan Bush

With the time to the 8th Annual Opening Day Tournament ticking down, we have started a weekly profile on our 2015 OCWA players. We continue our series this week with the Prodigy, Ryan Bush.

What can be said about Ryan Bush that hasn’t been said already? The co-founder and co-commish of the OCWA has a freakish arm and an equally deadly bat. He is the leader in most career categories, most notably in home runs (168), RBI (656), pitching strikeouts (498), and ERA (2.13). Some of these records can be attributed to being one of the original members, but then he belted 51 homers last year, with 176 RBI and 109 whiffs on the mound. He has also led the league in innings pitched many years, including a freakish 48.2 IP in 2010. His prowess at the dish and on the mound tends to overshadow his accomplishments in the field, where he is a more than serviceable player. These records are not all he can claim, either. He has four victories in the Opening Day Tournament, matching his four consecutive OCWA championships. He has also taken his talents outside the OCWA, starring in Golden Stick and the NWLA Tournament scenes. In 2012, he was the captain of the undefeated Freaky Franchise, who won a national championship and the NWLA Tournament, and he remains in that position today.