Playoff Recap

The 2014 Championship went to the Heat Throwing Mother Lovers, capping off one of the best seasons in OCWA history. The team finished at 23-2 overall, with their only two losses coming via the Freaky Franchise. This team allowed 27 runs over the course of the season and playoffs, and featured three of the best pitcher in the OCWA this season. Here’s a rundown of the playoffs in full:

Round 1

#4 Lil Pens vs #5 FOY Boys

Game 1: FOY Boys 7, Lil Pens 3

WP: Suhre (1-0)LP: D. Bush (0-1)

This game started out well for the Boys. Suhre hit a bomb and Bigler hit a rocket of a single that scored a run. The Pens worked their way back and had a 3-2 lead, until Suhre hit a massive grand slam in the top of the third to put the Boys ahead permanently.

Game 2: FOY Boys 7, Lil Pens 6

WP: Kloos (1-0)LP: D. Bush (0-2)

The Pens looked hot out of the gate, as an RBI Double followed up by a grand slam gave them a 5-0 lead heading into the third. The Pens gave up a few, but got on back on a Doug Bush bomb. He then reentered the game as the pitcher with a 6-3 lead, attempting the first ever win-save. Bigler ended those dreams with a huge walk off grand slam, which also ended the series.


#1 HTML vs #5 FOY Boys

Game 1: HTML 12, FOY Boys 4

WP: Turner (1-0)LP: Suhre (1-1)

This one was in question for a little while, especially after Bigler went yard on the second pitch he saw. HTML worked their way back, taking a 6-1 lead after two bombs from Turner and one from Coykendall. Suhre momentarily closed the gap by hitting a solo shot, but Coyk and BJ struck again in the bottom of the third, making it 12-3. The Boys would score one, but ultimately, a decisive 12-4 win for HTML.

Game 2: HTML 11, FOY Boys 7

WP: Coykendall (1-0)LP: Bigler (0-1)

This was one of the more strange games of this season. Coyk didn’t have his best stuff on the mound and gave up five in the first, but Bigler returned the favor in the second. HTML had a big inning in the top of the fourth to make it 11-5, and Coyk was one out away from a 5-run no hitter when he gave up a 2-run bomb. The game and series would end shortly after.

#2 Freaky Franchise vs #3 Pavlov’s Dawgs

Game 1: Freaky Franchise 12, Pavlov’s Dawgs 7

WP: Tomkins (1-0)LP: Frankel (0-1)

The Dawgs started really hot, with Knill hitting a bomb to make it 4-0 early. But the Franchise got them back after two Ryan Bush blasts. They would take an 8-5 lead into the third inning, where both Tomkins and Bush hit bombs, making it 12-5. The lead started to slip away from Tomkins, but Bush came in and shut it down.

Game 2: Freaky Franchise 5, Pavlov’s Dawgs 0

WP: R. Bush (1-0)LP: Knill (0-1)

This was a masterful performance put on by Ryan Bush, who took the mound to start the game. He also got the offense started, hitting a solo shot in the first and following it with another in the second. Tomkins joined the solo shot action in the third, all while Bush was dominating batters on the hill. He would break the solo streak by hitting a 2-run blast in the top of the fourth, then came back and put the Dawgs in the ground with seventh career no hitter.


#1 HTML vs #2 Freaky Franchise

Game 1: HTML 10, Freaky Franchise 1

WP: Roeder (1-0)LP: Tomkins (1-1)

HTML started well out of the gate, pushing across 10 runs in the first two innings against shaky pitching from Tomkins. Coyk hit a monster shot during this run. Roeder let up a homer to Tomkins in the second, but took himself out after the inning in favor of Turner, who shut the Franchise down to win game one.

Game 2: Freaky Franchise 2, HTML 0

WP: R. Bush (2-0)LP: Coykendall (1-1)

Bush took the mound in a need-to-win situation, and dominated throughout. He loaded the bases in the top of the first, but settled down to retire the next three in order. Coyk pitched well, but let up a two run shot to Bush, and that was all he needed. Bush took control after this homer, sending the series to game three.

Game 3: HTML 5, Freaky Franchise 0

WP: C. Roeder (2-0)LP: Tomkins (1-2)

Another shaky performance by Tomkins was equaled by a masterful performance from Roeder. Tomkins let up five on bombs from Roeder and Coyk in the first inning, but settled down next inning and put up a zero. Bush then came in and retired the side, but it didn’t matter. Roeder was the man on the mound for HTML, allowed no hits, claiming his fifth career no hitter, and the 2014 OCWA Championship, his first.

Congrats to Chris Roeder, Tim Coykendall, and BJ Turner on completing a dream season and getting the championship you guys have deserved for a while. HTML put on a spectacular performance all season, and have set themselves up very nicely for the 2014 NWLA Large League Tournament.